Representative Wants to Doc DOJ Pay For Failure to Provide Fast & Furious Documentation

For over a year now, both the US House of Representatives and US Senate have requested documentation concerning Operation Fast and Furious from the Department of Justice.  Every few months, the DOJ tries to appease the congressional demands by providing some documentation, but they continue to hold back all of it.

Tired and frustrated with the DOJ’s actions, Rep Trey Gowdy, (R-SC) introduced a measure this past week calling for $1 million to be cut from DOJ salaries due to their lack of cooperation.  During Gowdy’s speech on the House floor, he said,

“A Border Patrol agent was killed, hundreds of Mexican citizens have been killed, thousands of weapons are unaccounted for and likely, madam chairwoman, are going to be used in future crimes, but the Department of Justice — and the attorney general specifically — will not provide documents properly, legitimately requested. So, I am left with no choice, madam chairwoman, but to offer an amendment cutting the Department of Justice’s appropriation.”

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“Madam chairwoman, Congress has been patient. Indeed, too patient in my judgment — and I understand that for some everything is a political exercise, but, surely, the Department of Justice can rise above petty, partisan politics and comply with a subpoena. The Department of Justice, madam chairwoman, expects others to comply with subpoenas yet they will not do so themselves.”

“For those watching at home, what would happen to them if they ignored a summons for jury duty? What would happen for them if they ignored a grand jury subpoena? What would happen if a committee of Congress demanded documents [from them] and they summarily refused to cooperate?”

After Rep Gowdy addressed the House, his amendment to the budget seeking to cut $1 million from the DOJ budget passed by a voice vote that was so overwhelming supportive of the measure that it was obvious that a vote count was not necessary.

I praise Gowdy for his initiative and support his novel idea of cutting the DOJ budget, but I believe he did not go far enough.  Considering that the DOJ annual budget is over $28 billion, a one-time $1 million cut is rather insignificant.  If I were Gowdy, I would have asked for a $10 million budget cut plus an additional $10 million cut every week the DOJ fails to honor the subpoenas issued them by Congress.  That’s still only a 0.036% of their budget and if roles were reversed I’m sure they would fine us a lot more than 0.036% of our income, but it may be enough to affect some of the 115,000 employees or seven agencies or their nearly 35 different offices or departments.

The frustration on Capitol Hill has grown to the point now where almost 130 members of Congress favor Holder’s removal from office and/or a ‘no confidence’ vote be made against him.  Even some Democrats have joined the calls for Holder to step down, be fired or receive some form of public censorship.

But I don’t think America wants to see Congress wait any longer before taking action against Attorney General Eric Holder.  They need to act swiftly and decisively.  They need to hold him accountable for his actions and contempt for the law.  Holder needs to be fired today and replaced by someone who won’t become another puppet to President Obama.  We need an Attorney General that will actually uphold the law, regardless of what the President says.  We need someone like Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arapio, considered by many to the America’s toughest cop.

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