‘Reproductive Justice’ Activist Tells Women to be Happy About Abortions

Renee Bracey Sherman is one of “those” girls. She says she didn’t want to be, or rather didn’t want to be seen to be.

But she became pregnant when she was 19, which is pretty much the determining factor on being one of “those” girls.

She tried to hide that fact from her parents, she explains in a video for Fusion.net, and one suspects from herself as well. Then she made the problem go away.

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Like millions of other women, she killed her baby before it could even draw breath.

She says it was “one of the best decisions of my life.”

Yeah, it ranks right up there with saying yes to a guy who had no intention of marrying you.

I suspect it was the single worst decision of Sherman’s life, from her baby’s point of view.

We could ask the child, just to verify that interpretation, but …

Sherman says she didn’t want to be a disappointment to her parents, whom she has apparently since informed of their never-to-be-held grandchild. Sherman’s mom does get a shout out from this narcissistic lass for providing “all of the tools I needed to make the best decision for me.”

Sherman’s video is reminiscent of a story that was circulating a few weeks ago about a feminist who aborted her male child so she wouldn’t “bring another monster into the world.”

That story likely was fake, as the website that first published it only first appeared that week.

Sherman, unfortunately, appears to be all too real, as is her self-absorbed attitude. She’s the perfect role model for modern feminists: young, stupid, morally loose and proud of it.

It’s one thing for a person to make mistakes in her life, only to come to regret and try to rise above them. It’s another thing to commit an evil act, then try to make your name by encouraging other gullible people to follow in your footsteps.

Sherman, who insists she is “happy” and calls herself a “reproductive justice and storytelling activist,” recounts her own joyous abortion experience to get other women “to speak out and end the silence and stigma.”

Or maybe some part of her hopes the voices of strangers can drown out the voice of her conscience.



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