Republican Richard Mourdock Says US Going Way of Nazi Germany

Liberals hate it when conservatives compare their policies to those of the Nazis, although liberals have had no problem comparing conservatives to Nazis. For example, “liberal Chris Matthews . . . mocked Ben Carson for comparing the progressive movement to Nazis. However, Matthews isn’t in a position to judge. He has repeatedly connected conservatives to Nazis. . . . On November 7, 2012, Matthews chuckled as liberal comic Bill Maher compared Karl Rove to Adolf Hitler.”

Liberals don’t like to be reminded that “Nazi” stands for National Socialism. The Democrat Party Platform is socialistic to its core with elements of fascism thrown in for good measure. “We are socialists,” Adolf Hitler said in a May Day speech of May 1, 1927. “We are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.”

Like Obama and Liberals in general, the Nazis did not like educational competition. All the schools in Germany were Nazified. Educational control was taken away from parents and local authorities and “Every person in the teaching profession, from kindergarten through the universities, was compelled to join the National Socialist Teachers’ League which, by law, was held ‘responsible for the execution of the ideological and political co‑ordination of all the teachers in accordance with the National Socialist doctrine.’”1

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Adolf Hitler_Big Lie

The State was to be supported “without reservation” and teachers took an oath to “be loyal and obedient to Adolf Hitler.”2

Hitler’s goal was to remake the social, cultural, political, educational, and moral climate of his day in the image of the Nazi worldview. “In Germany there was Nazi truth, a Nazi political truth, a Nazi economic truth, a Nazi social truth, a Nazi religious truth, to which all institutions had to subscribe or be banished.”3

All competing worldviews were expunged from the State educational curriculum. A similar approach has been going on the United States for decades. While there’s been some push back with Common Core, liberals will continue to push for a nationalized educational curriculum that they will control.

The question has always been asked how the German people could have fallen for Hitler and his agenda. They voted for it! They believed Hitler’s rhetoric. They were desperate for political and economic salvation.

In addition to Dr. Ben Carson, “Indiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock compared the nation’s direction to Hitler’s Nazi Germany, during his farewell speech today at the Indiana Republican Convention in Fort Wayne.”


Mourdock, who is term-limited from seeking re-election and is leaving the office at the end of this year, called the comparison his “most important lesson” as an outgoing officeholder.

“The people of Germany in a free election selected the Nazi party because they made great promises that appealed to them because they were desperate and destitute. And why is that? Because Germany was bankrupt,” he said.

Mourdock also alluded to the 70th anniversary this week of the D-Day invasion during World War II, saying, “The truth is, 70 years later, we are drifting on the tides toward another beachhead and it is the bankruptcy of the United States of America.”

His speech was intended to draw other parallels to the nation’s current direction as well.

“Over the next several years, every time a program began to fall apart, Mr. Hitler’s party was very, very good at dividing Germany by pointing to this group or that group,” Mourdock said. “First they went after their political opponents. Then they went after the aristocrats. Then they went after the trade unionists. And ultimately of course they went after the Jews. They deprived them of their property, their rights, their citizenship, and for millions their humanity. Because they were bankrupt!”

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