Requirement to Vote: Pay Income Taxes

President Obama and other Democrats have called paying higher income taxes the Patriotic thing to do for wealthier Americans. We can only assume that this means paying any income tax is a Patriotic thing to do and therefore essential to the American way (Even Warren Buffett has volunteered his billions). Let me make a proposal to those elected leaders who believe paying taxes, and especially more taxes, is a very Patriotic thing. Let us come together in a bipartisan way and compromise.

Liberals love their taxes. Go ahead. Raise those income tax rates as high as you want on the those you consider wealthy. I will argue though that someone making $250,000 even without taxes deducted cannot afford a private jet. But I digress, facts don’t matter to you so tax away.

We can even go a few steps further and lower income taxes on all those Americans making less than $250,000 a year. I know you will do this because you want as many votes as possible. Votes in the next election drive your policies today.

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But here’s my proposition. For the ability to impose income tax rates at your will, we must also pass the most patriotic of Amendments. Beyond pushing taxes as Patriotic, Liberals also (and rightly so) refer to the right to vote as the most Patriotic of all. The right to vote is a wonderful thing, but we need an Amendment to the Constitution that limits the right to vote with the ability to be so Patriotic in paying taxes. If you pay taxes you can vote. Since around 51% of Americans don’t pay an income tax our electorate will be cut in half. Why should that be a bad thing, Mr. Liberal. After all, they aren’t Patriotic.

That’s my compromise. Those who participate in the ability of our government to function in their most Patriotic act of working to fund it get to participate in electing its leaders who run the government they fund. Those who don’t pay taxes and aren’t Patriotic don’t participate in a government they have no ties to.

Sure, you will lose most of your votes because those you have enslaved to the State will no longer have a voice, but that’s the point. The ability for corrupt policies to pass will be reduced. We may even begin to see fair taxation. Only when all Americans pay

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