Rev. Wright Played Matchmaker for Gay Men, WND Reports

The phrase “open secret” is wearing mighty thin when it comes to this president.

Like his Saudi royal family sponsorship or his shady real estate deals or his communist ties, President Obama’s alleged homosexuality is one of those stories that was widely known before he was ever elected but that the mainstream media just couldn’t seem ever to find evidence of or room to print.

World Net Daily’s Jerome Corsi, who has almost singlehandedly kept the story of the phony birth certificate alive, has made the effort to interview people familiar with the Obamas and Trinity Church and verify what has long been floating around the edges of the Internet and the Chicago rumor mill.

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What these witnesses told Corsi is every bit as gross and disgusting as the rumors have suggested.

Jeremiah Wright, the anti-American former pastor of Trinity Church, which was the Obamas’ home church for two decades, played the part of matchmaker for homosexual men in the church’s “Down Low Club,” which was known around the church simply as “the program,” according to Corsi’s sources.

The basic deal of “the program,” Corsi reports, is that Wright would identify and counsel young gay men in the parish, matching them with a woman who might otherwise never get a husband. In return for acting straight, the men would be connected to the larger black community while being allowed by Wright to hook up with other male parishioners in secret.

Many people have suggested for years that President Obama’s alleged homosexuality explains his support for gay “marriage” and open homosexuality in the military, among his many other extremist leanings. Once again, Corsi has shown that he is one of the few journalists in the country willing to ask questions about this president’s past and hidden intentions.

The fact that Corsi’s sources use false names to protect themselves is also telling about Obama’s character. That touches on another one of those “open secrets” about this president, that those who cross him are said to be regularly intimidated into silence.

Much of what is known about Obama’s background is rooted in research that was done by the Hillary Clinton campaign back in 2008. In fact, the whole birth certificate question was first raised by the Clintons, rather than Republicans. Why wasn’t more of this background reported in the mainstream media? Aside from the media being in Obama’s pocket, there’s the story about Chelsea Clinton’s life being threatened — a story that has been denied by all involved, like so many stories about Obama.

Corsi quotes one source, dubbed “Carolyn”: “At Trinity, if you even hint at talking about Obama being gay, you are reminded of our dear departed choir director (Donald Young). He was killed, and it wasn’t a robbery. The Christmas presents weren’t touched. The TV was not taken, nothing in the apartment was missing.”

Young, the 47-year-old homosexual choirmaster at Trinity, died of multiple gunshot wounds in his Chicago apartment Dec. 24, 2007.

About a month before, on Nov. 17, 2007, another gay member of Trinity, was murdered execution-style in his home, dying of multiple gunshot wounds.

Whether the two deaths are connected or have anything to do with Obama is unproven, but “Carolyn’s” quote is bone-chilling. The full truth of these matters should be investigated, but it seems doubtful it ever will.

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