Richards: ‘Abortion is Health Care’

Planned Parenthood’s leader Cecile Richards was questioned by Congress, which is investigating the truth behind a series of videos that seem to show Planned Parenthood officials negotiating prices for body parts of aborted babies.

As befits the leader of a group of people who make a living by killing unborn children, Richards demonstrated an unerring ability to produce statements that parallel reality just closely enough to be believed by the gullible while still preserving the sick, twisted worldview that sees human life as mere disposable blobs of tissue.

Asked at one point if she believed babies who survive abortions should be given medical care, Richards said, “I have never heard of such a circumstance happening,” despite the nationally broadcast testimony of two such survivors earlier this month.

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At that time, Rep. Trent Franks asked of pro-abortion supporters, “I beg you to open your own hearts and ask yourselves, ‘What is so liberating about brutally and painfully dismembering living, helpless, little human babies?’ The United States of America is a unique nation that is premised on the foundation that all of us in the human family were created equal, and that each of us is endowed by our Creator with this unalienable right to live.”

The most head-smacking thing Richards said was “abortion is health care.”

She’s not the only one who says that. It’s a fairly standard liberal line.

But if abortion is “health care,” it’s malpractice because half the patients die.

Abortion is health care the same way death camps are vacation spas. That sort of doublethink is necessary in an industry that claims it is all about caring for women’s health but doesn’t even acknowledge that it is killing children by the hundreds of thousands.

Live Action president Lila Rose told Breitbart News of Richards’ testimony, “No matter what her spin, Cecile Richards’ words can’t take back what high-ranking officials at Planned Parenthood already said when they didn’t realize they were being recorded. The undercover video footage is undeniable, and it shows Planned Parenthood violating at least three federal laws in its criminal baby organ-harvesting operation.”

Richards dodged various questions or made fumbling excuses throughout the hearing for things like her six-figure salary or repeated lies from Planned Parenthood devotees about services like mammograms that are not performed by the chain of clinics.

In short, it was the sort of testimony you’d expect from the head of a taxpayer-funded organization that routinely lies about what it does, such as the absurd claim that abortions are only 3 percent of its services.

By Planned Parenthood’s own numbers, they saw 2.7 million patients during 4.6 million clinic visits in 2013-2014. Also by its own admission, 327,653 of those patients obtained an abortion. Simple math reveals that more than 12 percent of its patients were at a Planned Parenthood clinic to obtain an abortion.

The same annual report claims that it handed out 1,440,495 “emergency contraception kits,” meaning the “morning after pill” abortifacient. There is probably some overlap with the patients who received actual abortions, but even compensating for that by assuming a total overlap on the abortion procedures, that would still imply that up to 53 percent of all Planned Parenthood patients went to a clinic to terminate a pregnancy or suspected pregnancy. Even being generous and assuming that all those patients who obtained the morning after pill did so twice during the year, the number of patients seeking pregnancy termination at a Planned Parenthood clinic is still over one-fourth.

So how does Planned Parenthood justify saying 3 percent of its services are “abortion services”? It’s all in how “services” are broken down. In Planned Parenthood’s accounting scheme, a service is anything from a blood test to condom distribution. In fact, that same annual report claims 4,470,597 tests for sexually transmitted diseases.

By hiding “emergency contraception” in the same category with IUDs and birth control pills, then divvying up all its other “services” throughout the year, Planned Parenthood claims 10.6 million services, “only” some 327,000 of which are “abortion services” of the sort that left a child dead. Voila, 3 percent.

If Planned Parenthood lies so transparently in its own annual report, how can anyone buy the line of bull hockey being peddled by Cecile Richards?


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