RINO Ryan Sides with the Pantsuit: Curbs Deregulation Bill for Supressors

Hillary Clinton was talking gun control before the deceased even had time to cool after the Las Vegas massacre on Sunday.

A crazed Democrat perched up in his hotel room with machine guns, and brutally murdered more than 50 people, and sent more than 500 others to the hospital with injuries. Some are still fighting for their lives in ICU.

While most of the country is grieving the loss of our fellow Americans and sending up prayers for their families, people like Hillary Clinton were already posting about gun control and started placing blame on the NRA.

Now Paul Ryan is siding with Hillary, and has indefinitely shelved the bill to deregulate suppressors.

Breitbart reports:

Clinton’s tweet ignores the reality of the tactical superiority of the attacker’s position–he was on the 32nd floor shooting down on people who were trapped in a concert venue. To escape they had to funnel through exit areas, which further highlighted the attacker’s superior position. Yet Clinton thinks it would have been worse if his gun had had a “silencer”–i.e., a suppressor–on it.

Ryan has now shelved the Hearing Protection Act, which was introduced into Congress on January 9; it is the legislation containing suppressor deregulation. The Act does not legalize suppressors–as they are already legal–rather, it removes the burdensome process for acquiring them and erases the federal tax that must be paid in order to receive permission to posses one.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Ryan said the bill “is not scheduled right now. I don’t know when it will be scheduled.”

This is just code for: “We are letting it die and hoping people won’t make too much of a fuss out of it in order to please the gun control advocates.”

Surprised? I’m not!

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