RNC Chairman Tells GOP Not “To Act Like Old Testament Heretics” On Same-Sex Marriage

I was appalled when Ohio Republican Senator Rob Portman came out last week and endorsed same-sex marriage because his son is a homosexual.  Portman decided that supporting his son’s sinful lifestyle was more important than what his faith says on the subject.

However, after hearing what Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee told Susan Page from USA Today, I am ready to drop my affiliation with the GOP and take my vote to either the Libertarian or Independent Parties.

Page asked Priebus about the GOP 2016 platform and whether it would endorse same-sex marriage.

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Page: “Karl Rove said in a Sunday TV interview that he thought it was possible, that he could imagine the 2016 Republican presidential nominee supporting same-sex marriage.  Can you imagine that?  Is that conceivable to you?”

Priebus: “I’m not sure, you know that I can’t look through that crystal ball, but I think you see people like Marco Rubio and Rand Paul are talking about states’ rights and the Tenth Amendment. Obviously you hear a lot of that in our Party. My position is that marriage is between a man and a woman but my other position is that you treat people with dignity and respect, love and grace, and so I think they’re all compatible with each other. I don’t believe we need to act like Old Testament heretics either…”

Page: “What does that mean act like Old Testament heretics?”

Priebus: “I think you know it when you see it. I think you have to strike a balance between principle and grace and respect and that’s what I’m just trying to do.”

I am appalled and offended by his referring to the Old Testament patriarchs as heretics! By categorizing them as heretics, Priebus is saying that the teachings of God are also heretical and wrong. Priebus wants you to compromise the Word of God so as to include as many voters as possible. He is putting political aspirations ahead of biblical principles. This is what the Democratic Party has been doing for decades. It seems that the Republican Party is following in their liberal footsteps.

The problem with America is that too many people have been compromising the Word of God to tickle the ears and win the support of as many people as possible. The only thing this accomplishes is to tear down the moral principles our nation was founded upon which in turn undermines the values and rule of law that once made our nation great.

While the leaders of the Republican Party may be trying to woo and win the support of many Americans I can tell you that they are losing the support of this American by embracing a sinful lifestyle. I urge every one of you to take a serious look at your party affiliation and ask yourself if you can support the party whose leadership believes that the men of God in the Old Testament were heretics and that it’s okay to compromise God’s Word and endorse a sinful lifestyle that God Himself called an abomination.

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