Rock-Headed Liberals About to Meet Americans’ Heavily Armed Hard Place

Like a car driving down the wrong side of the freeway, liberals are headed straight for a completely avoidable disaster with their insistence on pursuing draconian gun controls.

They may think this is their moment to get to their long-sought holy land of a total gun ban, but all they’re really doing is hastening the moment when they are going to be crushed like a Smart Car under the wheels of a semi-truck.

Despite what bought-and-paid-for polls may be telling liberal politicians, Americans not only aren’t buying the scaredy-cat line about how gun control will protect kids, they’re buying guns.

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And bullets.

And more guns.

Sales of firearms have been booming for months, accelerated after President Obama’s re-election, then took off like a rocket after the Sandy Hook shootings before the first liberal politician could clear his throat.

Not only that, but the National Rifle Association, that most demonized of the Left’s bogeymen, is adding members like nobody’s business. The NRA reports that it just added another 100,000 paying members in 18 days.

What’s worse for the liberals, Americans are boning up on their history.

An educated populace has always been the bane of liberalism, and it appears that Americans en masse are finally making the effort to educate themselves about some things they should have looked into before the election.

Google reports that searches for “Hitler gun control,” and “Hitler” and “guns” have spiked since Democrats began drooling over the possibility of disarming America in December.

“Hitler gun control” reached a 100 rating, the highest possible on Google’s popularity scoring system, in December, and it’s already close to a 90 rating for January based just on partial-month data. The words “Hitler” and “guns” each have already hit 100 for this month.

A populace armed with bullets and knowledge can only be bad news for Obama, who has drawn many comparisons to Adolf Hitler for his abuse of power, political tactics and narcissistic personality.

So while the Left’s flaming idiots like Piers Morgan may deride the U.S. Constitution as conservatives’ “little book,” the Man Who Would Be King would be wise to reconsider his present course of action before Americans provide a lesson in the Second Amendment’s original purpose.

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