Romney Campaign Turns Liberal Tactics Back on Axelrod

Being a journalist and lately a Tea Party member, I’ve seen quite a few political events.

They’ve almost always been marked by some sort of opposition to XYZ, whoever was sponsoring the proceedings.

But it’s only in the past few years, under the Obama regime, that I’ve seen a pattern of trucking in union opponents to threaten violence and attempt to drown out speakers appear as a regular thing.

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I recall an event at UCLA a couple of years ago, a supposed town hall meeting called by the local congressman, where the campus police had divided the three dozen or so demonstrators into two cordoned-off areas, one for liberals and one for normal people.

The conservatives demonstrated respectfully, holding their signs, passing out pamphlets and talking to anybody who wanted to stop by. The liberals of course gave their best impression of zoo animals. But both sides were about equal in size until, 10 minutes before the event, three buses full of liberal union workers suddenly pulled up and offloaded the loudest, rudest bunch of people you’ve ever seen.

In fact, it was so bad that since that day, my image of liberals is tainted by the memory of one old guy who literally charged the GOP area barricade, one eye bulging, the other squinting, spittle actually flying from his bearded lips as he shouted at the dozen or so conservatives, “Nut jobs!”

So it strikes me as kind of satisfying and more than a little funny to hear about Mitt Romney campaign staffers giving the liberal treatment to David Axelrod.

Axelrod, the campaign frontman for Obama and previously for Bill Clinton, was at the Massachusetts State House the other day to badmouth Romney, but Mitt’s campaign team got wind of it the night before.

That was enough time for them to arrange their own counter-event before Axelrod’s appearance so that most of what he planned to say had already been nullified in press reports that morning, even as he stepped onstage.

The best part, though, was that the Romney campaign had time to pack the event with supporters and their signs. Whenever the liberal crowds offered up an Obama slogan, such as “Forward!” the Romney crowd had a response ready, such as “Off a cliff!”

Normally, I’m all in favor of civility. But considering how this administration’s minions have turned even minor political events into barbarian circuses, I can’t say I’m the least bit sorry to hear that most of Axelrod’s comments were drowned out or that somebody apparently thought to bring a bubble machine and camp out right in front of the speaker.

It was far from the previous election’s tightly scripted Obama campaign events, with their zealous security force and strategically placed swooning women.

Poor David Axelrod got completely discombobulated.

It’s like those credit card commercials. Campaign event permit, $150; enough signs to go around, $265; David Axelrod blowing a fuse, channeling Jack Nicholson and shouting at the crowd of protesters “You can’t handle the truth!” … priceless.

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