Romney Critic Gives Top 5 Reasons to Vote for Mitt Romney

Janet (Folger) Porter has been a strong critic of Mitt Romney and wasn’t sure she could support him as the Republican candidate for president.  Janet served at the National Director for the Center for Reclaiming America (founded by the late Dr. D. James Kennedy) before she launched Faith2Action in 2003.  She was instrumental in helping pass Ohio’s partial birth abortion ban law while she served as the Legislative Director of Ohio Right to Life.

Porter has appeared on numerous news and talk shows and even debated Gloria Feldt (president of Planned Parenthood); Kim Gandy (president of National Organization of Women); Patricia Ireland (former president of NOW); as well as Jack Kevorkian (Doctor Death) and numerous other influential liberals.

As the presidential election drew near, Porter focused not on the issues she has against Mitt Romney, but on what the alternative vote for Barack Obama would mean.  In doing so, she came up with her top five reasons to vote for Mitt Romney.  They are:

  1. Life
  2. Marriage
  3. Israel
  4. Freedom
  5. America

In the video below, Porter explains each one of these and why they are important reasons to vote for Romney and NOT for Obama.

As Porter points out, Obama is NOT for the sanctity of life, preservation of marriage, maintaining our ties with Israel, preserving our constitutional freedoms and for the existence of America as we knew it.  Regardless what you may think of Mitt Romney, we know that he will be a better choice for all five of these reasons.

So when you head to the polls tomorrow, I hope you seriously consider the five reasons to vote for Mitt Romney that Janet Porter spelled out.  Your vote will count and can make a difference.

Above all else, get out and vote!

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