Romney Should Not Throw Stones When Living in Glass House

Even prior to Newt Gingrich’s landslide victory in South Carolina, Mitt Romney was feeling the pressure of having a sound contender.  Consequently he turned a considerable amount of his attention towards undermining Gingrich instead of laying out his own campaign and attacking Obama.

One of the issues that Romney has been throwing up in Gingrich’s face was his involvement with Freddie Mac, the Mortgage giant who was brought to its knees by the collapse of the housing market.  He brought up the subject in the debates and in some of his campaign ads and has asked Gingrich to return the money he was paid by Freddie Mac.

However, new reports have surfaced that members within Romney’s advisors have also had ties to Freddie Mac.

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Vin Weber, one of Romney’s top economic advisors was a lobbiest on behalf of Freedie Mac for a number of years.  Weber’s lobbying firm, Clark and Weinstock, and was paid $360,297 in 2006.  Weber seemed to boast of his involvement with Freddie Mac in an email that read, “I personally met with the CEO several times and with Hollis and his team regularly.  Clark and Weinstock worked effectively and intensely for Freddie Mac under Dick Syron [Freddie Mac’s then-chairman and chief executive] and [Senior Vice President] Hollis McLoughlin.”

Another key Romney advisor, former Congresswoman Susan Molinari was paid quite handsomely for her role to stop, “any meaningful regulation in the years before the housing mortgage giant crashed …”

In light of the revelations about Romney’s own staff, Gingrich spokesman RC Hammond said, “We’d like to know when Gov. Romney is going to ask his own advisers to return their money.”

I know that campaigns, especially presidential campaigns, have been known to get down and dirty.  There is always a significant amount of mudslinging that goes on, but if a candidate is going to start throwing stones at his opponent, he better make sure that he isn’t doing it from within a glass house.  Otherwise, everything could very well come shattering down around him.

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