Romney’s Debate Win Biggest In History Says Gallup

Last Wednesday Barack Obama and Mitt Romney faced off in the first of three presidential debates.  When all was said and done, there was little doubt in anyone’s mind who the winner was.

If you checked the polls after the debate, virtually all of them declared Mitt Romney the winner and the count wasn’t close.  According to Gallup Polls, Romney’s victory over Obama was the largest in their history.  In the Gallup poll taken three days after the debate, Romney won the debate by a 72 to 20 margin.  Surprisingly, even Democrats picked Romney as the winner of the debate by a 49 to 39 margin.  Obama’s five point lead also evaporated leaving him in a 47-47 tie with Romney.

Jeffrey Jones of Gallup commented about the poll results saying:

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“Across all of the various debate-reaction polls Gallup has conducted, Romney’s 52-point win is the largest Gallup has measured.  The prior largest margin was 42 points for Bill Clinton over George H.W. Bush in the 1992 town hall debate.”

“Even on this basis, the race has become somewhat more competitive compared with before the first debate.  Obama held four- to six-point leads in Gallup’s seven-day tracking results in the eight days prior to the Oct. 3 debate.”

The Rasmussen Report also noticed a Romney swing three days after the debate saying:

“While there have been modest swings in recent months that have favored one candidate over the other, the overall picture is of a race that is both stable and very close.  Over the past 100 days of tracking, Romney and Obama have been within two points of each other 72 times. Additionally, on 89 of those 100 days, the candidates have been within three points of each other. That is exceedingly close in a poll with a three percentage-point margin of error.”

Now we have to hope and pray that the debates are like an at bat in baseball and this was strike one.  With another strike in each of the next two debates and Obama is OUT OF HERE!

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