Romney’s Financial Sacrifice To Serve America

Barack Obama and the Democrats have painted a picture of Mitt Romney as being some rich guy who has little to no concern for the average American.  They say that Romney only cares about himself and his wealth.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

According to an Forbes article – Mitt Romney: The Most Expensive Political Career In American History – Romney sacrificed approximately $1.77 billion when he left Bain Capital to serve his country and state.  His net worth today is somewhere around $230 million.  The Forbes article says that had Romney stayed at the equity company he founded, that his net worth would most likely be right around $2 billion today.

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By 1999, Bain Capital was a very successful equity company with over $4 billion under management.  The future of Bain at the time was extremely positive and gave all indications of continued growth.  To be honest, in 1999, many business people dreamed of being the head of such a successful company.

So just when everything was looking rosy and money was pouring into the doors, Mitt Romney took a leave of absence from Bain to head up the Salt Lake City Olympic Committee.  At the time, the Olympic committee was nearly bankrupt and the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City appeared to be on the verge of a total disaster.  Romney stepped in and turned everything around and the Olympics were saved.

After the 2002 Olympics, Romney ran for governor of Massachusetts instead of returning to Bain Capital.  After serving as governor for 2 years, he remained in public life and again did not return to Bain.

If you want all of the detail on how Forbes calculated that Romney missed out on $1.77 billion of personal worth, you can read the details in their article.  But the bottom line is that he knowingly made the sacrifice to serve his country and his state.

Now let’s look at the Obamas.  According to Forbes, their net worth is a paltry $6 million, a far cry from Romney’s fortune.  But when you look at Obama’s history, that is what history we do know, he sacrificed NOTHING to venture into public life and politics.  In fact, much of his worth has been made since he first entered politics, not before.  In contrast to Romney, it makes you wonder what Obama’s motivation is besides money and power.

In another meter of the characters of the two opponents seeking the White House is their charitable donations.  In a report from the Washington Times, Obama has an average charitable donation of less than 7% from 2000 to 2011 (that includes the $1+ million Nobel Peace prize that Obama gave to charities).  Mitt Romney has averaged over 13% in charitable donations over 20 years.

Let me ask you this: From their personal finances and history given above, which man cares more about America and the American people and which man cares more about himself and his own personal gains?  Which one of them do you think will actually work hardest to turn things around?

The answers should be obvious.  Romney has sacrificed nine times more than he is worth to serve the public.  Obama has sacrificed nothing.  To me, this says a lot about the character of each man and who would make a better leader for our troubled nation and the answer is not Obama.

Please get out and vote next Tuesday.

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