Ron Paul is Off Limits to Criticism

I recently wrote a short blog post about how I disagreed with Ron Paul about his take on the U.S. going bankrupt. There began a slew of responses that I can only describe as reactionary. The fervent desire to cling so closely to everything Ron Paul says reminds me of how people felt towards Barack Obama. Don’t get me wrong, Ron Paul actually has substance and I agree with a lot of what he says. We endanger ourselves if we can’t ever look with a discerning mind upon what even our most cherished political thinkers say and do.

Look, I can take the heat. I normally ignore the unhealthy dialogue because you never actually accomplish anything engaging the people that take take a stance that is not impenetrable no matter how solid your own arguments are. But, I couldn’t help myself. The comments are so fun to read.

Contrary to popular belief among Ron Paul supporters, the man is not infallible. He is not right on every single subject. That’s not to say I am 100% correct on my critique, but if I believe someone in power is wrong, it is my duty to point it out and hopefully steer him in the right direction. If I am wrong, be honest in your response. Do the diligence and listen or read what I cite. There are those of you who will say he wasn’t saying what he said, but in the context of the discussion on Greece, Ron Paul said, “They just need to declare bankruptcy.” The interviewer then went on to say “If bankruptcy is the cure for Greece is it also the cure for the United States?” to which Ron Paul responded, “Yes.”

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Those of us who write at Godfather Politics have left no one out of the realm of of criticism. We want all of our leaders to do the right thing and that means we will criticism anyone and everyone. Your favorite candidate or politician may come under fire from us. This does not mean we don’t like that person or their policies in general, but we may take issue with their stance on a particular item. Many of us are not fans of George W. Bush’s policies, but we do like that he helped reduce taxes. We think they should have been reduced even more.

We like Ronald Reagan as well. He even had his faults. He enacted the largest tax increase in American history, as well as increasing government spending beyond that of Carter and Ford’s presidencies (Mises).

It’s wonderful that Ron Paul has so many dedicated supporters, but come on, don’t get so riled up when someone criticizes the man.

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