Ron Paul Surprises Nation in Iowa Poll

After the Iowa debate earlier in the week, Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney were considered to be the front runners. Ron Paul was a considered by many to have come out of the debate as a minor candidate at best.

Today, the first major Republican presidential poll took place in Iowa and it is no surprise that Michele Bachmann, Representative from Minnesota took the top spot. Bachmann’s slogan in Iowa was Barack Obama is a one-term president, at which the crowded chanted, “One! Term! President!”

However what did surprise many is that Ron Paul, Representative from Texas finished a very close second to Bachmann. Paul has had a tendency to alienate fellow Republican leaders due to his libertarian views.

Also to the surprise of many, Pawlenty, former governor of Minnesota finished a distant third in today’s straw poll. Leading up to the poll, Pawlenty urged voters to choose a candidate with executive experience and tried to point out that he had fit that qualification far better than Bachmann. Pawlenty spent more in Iowa than any other candidate and had even moved his national campaign operations there to try to improve his chances in the poll. Today’s distant third may present itself as a significant set back to his campaign.

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Even though Romney, former governor of Massachusetts, participated in the Iowa debate, he did not participate in the Iowa poll, so it is uncertain how that may have changed the results. One also has to wonder what would have happened had Texas governor Rick Perry had announced his candidacy earlier and participated in today’s straw poll.

The only candidate question left for the Republican Party at this time is whether or not former Alaska governor Sarah Palin will toss her hat into the ring or continue to be a sideline player.

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