Roy Blunt Shows How GOP Destroys Free Markets

Barack Obama sometimes role-plays as a Harvard Marxist while he is really just a Wall Street Corruptocrat and Republicans pose as free market defenders when they are really the same thing. We thus have one Wall Street party pretending to give voters two different options for the political economy. (I’m not saying the parties are exactly the same; on social issues the Republicans are less bad.) Recent news about Roy Blunt and Monsanto give us even more evidence that the GOP is useless as advocates of free markets and voluntary trade.

As good conservatives blogs have mentioned (here and here for example) that Congress recently passed a law giving Monsanto immense legal immunity if they are accused of causing harm by their patented GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). I don’t claim to know that all GMOs are bad, but if corporations poison us, they need to be held accountable. They can argue their case in court like any other food maker or distributor.

When the “Monsanto Protection Bill” rider was passed, no one even knew who was responsible. Early on, however, Roy Blunt admitted to attaching it to a larger bill. Now, a Left wing publication has pointed out all the money changing hands between Blunt and Monsanto.

“The admission shines a light on Blunt’s ties to Monsanto, whose office is located in the senator’s home state. According to OpenSecrets, Monsanto first started contributing to Blunt back in 2008, when it handed him $10,000. At that point, Blunt was serving in the House of Representatives. In 2010, when Blunt successfully ran for the Senate, Monsanto upped its contribution to $44,250. And in 2012, the GMO seed/pesticide giant enriched Blunt’s campaign war chest by $64,250. Blunt is also a magnet for PAC money from the agribusiness industry as a whole, OpenSecrets data shows. In 2012, agribiz PACs gave him $51,000—more than any other industry save for finance, insurance, and real estate (FIRE). In 2010, the year of his Senate run, agribiz PACs handed him over $243,000, more than any other besides the FIRE and energy industries. The senator’s blunt, so to speak, admission that he stuck a rider into an unrelated bill at the behest of a major campaign donor is consistent with the tenor of his political career.”

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Conservatives cannot afford to let Republicans operate this way. In fact, the country cannot afford it. Basically, groups get together and bribe politicians to get monopolies (typically using “patents” as an excuse) and then push those monopolies into the market. The politicians see that they have a way of creating a revenue stream which they can then receive a percentage in campaign donations.

This process is every bit as corrupt as “green energy” or any other government subsidized boondoggle. When you hear a politician is “pro-business,” don’t assume that has anything to do with freedom or getting the government off our backs. It probably just means he wants to take away your choices so that you are forced to give your money to someone who will support him for re-election.

Worst of all, this kind of intellectual dishonesty and political corruption makes the Left look like a credible alternative. Economic exploitation hurts people financially and encourages them to look for saviors.

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