Roy Moore: ‘I’m Winning Because God is on My Side’

Alabama GOP Senate candidate in the lead, Roy Moore, attributes his success to God.

He said, “I can’t predict the future but I will say God has been with us throughout this campaign, and I think Washington is about to learn something that is unusual to them: That they can’t buy the people of Alabama,” he added, “They can’t buy their way into the United States Senate and indeed it’s wrong for them to even try that.”

Wow, could it be that we have another man of God who is likely to take office? This sounds promising. Especially considering anyone who mentions the Lord’s name is immediately chastised by the media and liberals. That is, however, unless the context of God’s name is to take it in vain.

Moore was reacting to the latest polling from JMC Analytics, reported exclusively by Breitbart News earlier on Sunday, that he was in the lead over Luther Strange ahead of the Sept. 26 runoff with majority support. The poll has Moore at 51 percent, while Strange is lagging nearly 20 points behind at just 32 percent—and 17 percent of voters are undecided. Moore considerably outperformed polls on Aug. 15 in the first round of voting to finish in first place ahead of Strange, who finished at a distant second, in the primary. They both beat Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL), another conservative like Moore, for the two spots in the Sept. 26 runoff.

The race for the seat vacated by now Attorney General Jeff Sessions is particularly contentious given the questionable circumstances under which Strange was appointed into the seat. Strange was appointed by then Gov. Robert Bentley, while he was investigating Bentley for a corruption scandal as the state’s Attorney General. Bentley resigned as a result of that very scandal shortly after promoting Strange by appointing him into the seat.

Also at play are the millions upon millions of dollars that allies of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the vehemently anti-President Donald Trump GOP operative Karl Rove have poured into Alabama with false attack ads against Brooks and Moore. Rove’s right hand man Steven Law—who worked with Rove at the American Crossroads super PAC—is running the Senate Leadership Fund group backed by McConnell allies.


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