Rush Limbaugh Raises AMAZING $1.5 Million for Charity in Only a Week with Betsy Ross T-Shirt Sales

Talk show giant Rush Limbaugh was bowled over by his huge national audience by raising over $1.5 million for a 911 charity with the amazingly huge sales of his Betsy Ross T-Shirt.

Rush introduced the Betsy Ross T-Shirt in response to former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s hand in forcing sportswear giant Nike into canceling a Betsy Ross-themed shoe it had planned to introduce.

Limbaugh thought he’d push out his own Betsy Ross item, but he also wanted to do so in connection with a charity. He picked the Stephen Gerard Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation, a charity that helps families of first responders.

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After announcing the availability of the shirt a week ago, Limbaugh has sold over 100,000 of them. That’s right… 100,000! So many that the charitable donation amounts to over $1.5 million and counting.

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Limbaugh appeared on Fox & Friends to talk about the amazing results:

RUSH: Well, this is it. And this took off. This is the Stand Up for Betsy Ross T-shirt. It was a pushback. It started as a pushback to Kaepernick and Nike. It then became inclusive of the women’s soccer team. I mean, here they are winning, great athletic endeavor, the world championship, women’s soccer, and what do they do? They start bashing America, bashing the president.

So, this shirt became a vehicle for people to push back against this. Now, we turned the T-shirt around in four days, and I announced that… This is day 11 that this shirt has been up there and running. And we announced a tie-in with a great charity, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

DOOCY: Yeah.

RUSH: Today, I’m ecstatic. The audience that I have and that you have are some of the greatest people in this country. They are ordinary people that do extraordinary things. We are well past 100,000 T-shirts.


RUSH: We are today announcing a donation of $1.5 million to Tunnel to Towers in 10 days.

DOOCY: Unbelievable.

RUSH: Steve, on a $27 item… That’s a $27 gross item. You know, there’s expenses and the cost of the product. To put this in perspective, the Super Bowl champion T-shirt every year goes on sale the day of the Super Bowl, the night of the Super Bowl, sells 50,000 in three months. This is 100,000, and we’re still going. There’s no end to this. People are still ordering.

We’re gonna be fulfilling these orders all the way through September. It’s the greatest thing. It’s one of the most uplifting things that I have been involved in because this is the American people. This isn’t me making a donation. This isn’t you or anybody else. This is the American people, 27 bucks at a time, generating enough revenue to be able to send $1.5 million to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

DOOCY: Unbelievable. Wow.

RUSH: I’m just stunned by it, I’m ecstatic by it, and I’ve been looking forward all night to being able to announce this today because it’s a true testament. It’s a true testament to the goodness and the decency of the American people in our audience. It’s incredible.

DOOCY: I’m sure, Rush —

RUSH: It’s so far beyond our expectations. We had no idea what this was gonna do. We would have been happy with 30,000. But in 11 days we’re over 100,000. I mean, the trucks keep showing up every day delivering the shirts as we have to continue to reorder these things to meet the demand.

DOOCY: Yeah. Just put them over there by the golden microphone.

RUSH: And I really need to thank you and the Fox audience for giving us the vehicle here to make people aware of it as well as on my radio show.

DOOCY: Well, Rush, I’m sure that the people who are watching right now, if they don’t have one, they’re gonna go to your website,
RUSH: You know, that’s a very important point. You’re very, very smart. We’ve got over 200 bootlegs out there, Dooce.

DOOCY: What?

RUSH: Talking to you yesterday, 200 fakes, 200 knockoffs. Our crack legal department’s shutting them down as quickly as we can, but what does this mean? It means that 200 fraudulent websites are trying to sell their version of this shirt and make it look like it is the official Stand Up for Betsy Ross T-shirt. It isn’t. There’s only one place you can get the official shirt, and there’s only one place where your purchase goes to benefit the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

By the way, this T-shirt is some of the most incredible fabric. You will not believe. I mean, this doesn’t even feel like a T-shirt when you wear this baby. So it’s just been fabulous, and we’re working so hard to fulfill these orders. It’s gone so far beyond anything we expected, and it’s just — again, as I say — ordinary Americans coming through doing extraordinary things selflessly for this. Steve, $1.5 million on a $27 item.

They then went into what the charity is all about:

EARHARDT: Amazing. And that organization is so phenomenal. What happened is, Mr. Siller, he was a firefighter, he went through the tunnel to the towers.
RUSH: Right.

EARHARDT: It was his day off, and he went up there to save individuals, American lives, and he did.

DOOCY: On 9/11.

EARHARDT: And he died. Exactly. So his brother started this organization. And when one of our first responders dies in the line of duty, they have kids, they have a wife, they have a mortgage. He goes and pays off their mortgages.

DOOCY: And now through these T-shirts, $1.5 million worth of lives are going to be changed.

Great stuff.

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