Russian Homeschool Boom Continues

The educational system in the United States has been-opted by Leftists, from kindergarten to the university system.

It didn’t just start in 1962 and 1963 when Bible reading and prayer were taken out of public schools. The takeover began many years before. The American people bought into the too-good-to-be-true claim that education would be free or at least discounted and would train their children in facts and skills. But education, as Rousas J. Rushdoony makes clear in his book The Messianic Character of American Education (1963) that the purpose of public education “has been essentially a religious movement, as indeed has been the whole of the movement from Horace Mann to the present, to liberate man by means of a universal system of state-supported schools.”

Dr. Gary North wrote, in a must-read article, the following on the 50th anniversary of the publication of Rushdoony’s one-of-a-kind exposé of the true intent of government controlled education:

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He made it clear in this book that tax-funded education from the beginning was a systematic attempt by Unitarians and humanists to undermine Christianity in every aspect of its influence. He made it clear that this was not a peripheral issue for these people. On the contrary, it was the center of their philosophy. They pursued their competing views of how the public schools should regenerate individuals and society, but they were united in this principle: the Christian worldview must be eliminated, and Christian families must not be allowed to inculcate such a worldview in their children. The public school system was designed from the beginning as a religious enterprise. This had never been made equally clear before. He had the footnotes to prove his case. This is why the book represents a turning point in the history of Christian education in the United States.

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Over the years, it was this book which Christian parents used, and Christian lawyers used, to defend their refusal to send their children into the public schools. As the homeschool movement began to expand in the 1980s, various state agencies began to put pressure on families who pulled their children out of the tax-funded school system. The parents claimed that they did so on religious grounds. By doing so, they invoked the First Amendment, as applied to the states by means of the 14th Amendment. But they had to prove their case. They had to prove that they really were pulling their children out on the basis of religious noncooperation. This book became the Bible of the resistance movement. With this book, parents had access to a systematically Christian critique of the systematically anti-Christian philosophy which undergirds the entire American public school system.

As a result of Rushdoony’s work in the area of education and his expert testimony on the history of education, the United States has a burgeoning homeschool movement.

A number of countries outlaw homeschooling. Sweden is the most restrictive, but great things are happening in Russia. The following article is from

If you really want to drain the swamp and deal a death blow to the Leftist establishment in the United States, remove your children from the public schools. If you want more information, check out the article by Joel McDurmon, “Time to Boycott Public Schools?


Editor’s note: Russia has the second highest population of homeschooling families in all of Europe. Homeschooling has been legal in Russia since 1992, and current estimates suggest that there are over 100,000 homeschoolers in Russia. These numbers are growing, as homeschooling continues to grow in popularity.

The following article, originally published on the official Russian Church site that deals with family issues, was translated by Fr. Joseph Gleason, an American Orthodox priest who lives in Russia with his wife and eight homeschooled children.

For many years now, a number of Russian cities have hosted regional homeschooling conferences. This article celebrates the first international homeschooling conference held in Russia, with representatives attending from all over the world. This rising interest in homeschooling is an example of Russia’s return to traditional family values. Thanks to the hard work of Christians like Fr. Dimitry Smirnov and Irina Shamolina, homeschooling is finally becoming popular in Russia.


On May 18, 2018, Moscow hosted the International Conference of Family Education. Their motto is: “You can teach at home!” International experts, teachers, politicians, and scientists discussed what the future of education should be like, and how to have an effective alternative to government-based education.

The conference included a number of high profile Russians, including Fr. Dimitry Smirnov (a prominent Russian Orthodox priest who is the Chairman of the Patriarch’s Commission for the Family), Irina Shamolina (a leading proponent of using the Classical Conversations homeschooling curriculum in Russia), and various members of the State Duma, Moscow State University, and the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).

Since Russian public schools have aped the Western public school system in many ways, the quality of public education has significantly deteriorated. Because of the crisis conditions in modern government schools, more Russian families are switching to home education. Homeschooling is legal in Russia, and interest in it is growing every year. Nevertheless, there are still few parents and children who are aware of its advantages and opportunities…


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