San Antonio Bars Christian Businesses From Doing Business With City

Christian persecution is escalating in America and it’s being conducted by local, state and federal governments.  The latest example of Christian persecution can be found in the recent actions taken by the San Antonio City Council.

By an 8-3 vote, the city council passed an anti-discrimination ordinance.  The ordinance was designed to protect the rights of homosexuals against discrimination, but in fact it gives them special rights while taking away the rights of Christians.  Incorporated in the ordinance is a provision that states if a business owner takes a faith-based stance against homosexual life styles it will be barred from doing business with the City of San Antonio.

In other words, if you are a Christian business owner who practices your faith in your business, you will not be allowed to conduct any of your business with the city.  Thus, their anti-discrimination ordinance discriminates against Christians.

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Ivy Taylor is a Christian and a city council member who voted against the ordinance stating that Christians have a right to stand for their values.  She told the local news:

“I have sacrificed a lot to serve in this role on city council, but I will not sacrifice my core values and beliefs for political gain or to be in alignment with a particular platform.  And if that was the expectation for me as a black woman, [you’ve] got the wrong sister in this seat.”

Elisa Chan is another Christian who sits on the city council and voted against the ordinance.  She also expressed her concerns about the national gay rights advocates targeting her city for their agenda.  She went on to say:

“I’m disappointed that the power of political correctness has prevailed over the freedom of speech, but most of all I am disappointed that the harmony of the great people of San Antonio has been disrupted.”

Taylor and Chan both agree that being and living as a Christian is not discrimination, but the rest of the city council evidently believes that it does.  Therefore, Christian business owners have lost their First Amendment rights to the freedom of religion.

Sen. Ted Cruz, a leading candidate for the 2016 GOP president nomination stated that he is against the ordinance.  Greg Abbot, Texas Attorney General also stated that he is against the San Antonio ordinance and expects that a lawsuit will be filed against the ordinance for religious freedom.

This seems to be a growing trend in America today where Christians are being stripped of their constitutional rights while people who live a perverted lifestyle are given preferential treatment.  The worst part is the persecution of Christians goes all the way to the White House and the Department of Justice.  Obama, who appears to be more Muslim than Christian,  is determined to do everything in his power to drive Christianity out of American society.  His administration is already labeling Christians as potential terrorists.  They have restricted Christianity in the military and they led the attack on the Defense of Marriage Act.

At the current rate of affairs, Christianity will be outlawed as a terrorist organization.  We will be stripped of all rights including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  If you have been following what has been happening to Christians in Egypt, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, and China, to name but a few, you may be witnessing our future here in America.

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