San Francisco Parades Its Perversion at Annual Street Festival

Sodom by the Sea, the city of San Francisco, proudly displayed its sense of perversion this weekend at the event known as the Folsom Street Festival, attended by an estimated 400,000 people.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m all in favor of consenting (preferably married) adults making their bedrooms a mutual fun zone.

But when you drag your favorite fetish out into broad daylight and shake your booty in public … well, these pictures posted at SFGate pretty much speak for themselves.

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And these are among the tamer images. If you really want the whole 50 Shades of Grey visuals, just Google “Folsom Street Fair.”

There was a time when San Francisco was a respectable city.

The people who are into stuff like the Folsom Street Fair have changed that reputation, probably forever.

If anyone ever wonders why San Francisco is considered a joke by much of the country, all they need do is look at the Folsom Street Fair and remember this is the region that spawned the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom.

There are people who celebrate the sort of demented antics that go on at the Folsom Street Fair and similar events, claiming this is the wave of the future, a low, hedonistic, narcissistic society in which there is no judgment and thus little or no morality.

To some twisted minds this equates to “freedom.”

Far from being the wave of the future, the Folsom Street Fair represents a throwback to a time thousands of years ago when the Romans of an aging empire used to amuse themselves in similar fashion, watching or becoming public spectacles for the sake of momentary titillation.

It’s a choice. Maybe not a dignified choice, but legal at least in San Francisco.

And it’s the sort of choice that seems to be favored by people of a certain philosophical and political bent, the sort of people who have also ruined cities like Seattle, Oakland, Boston and Baltimore.

It’s been said that liberalism is a mental illness, and in San Francisco, it’s easy to see why.

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