San Francisco to Vote on 2¢ per Ounce Soda Tax

Like most of you, I enjoy a soda from time to time. A week ago, I purchased a case of Dr. Pepper on sale for $6. If I lived in San Francisco, that price could soon go up to $11.76 overnight, $6 for the soda and $5.76 in a new soda tax.

Scott Wiener, San Francisco City Supervisor has proposed a 2¢ per ounce tax on soda. That would mean a tax of 24¢ per 12 ounce can of soda or a $1.44 in taxes per 6 pack or $5.76 in taxes for a case of soda. The measure will be on the November ballot for the citizens to vote on.

Wiener claims the soda tax is necessary to help curb a growing health epidemic of obesity and diabetes. In his press release, Wiener stated:

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“We are experiencing an epidemic of health problems caused by sugary beverages — including diabetes and obesity afflicting adults, teenagers, and even young children — and we have a responsibility to act to confront this escalating public health challenge.”

“While researchers, physicians, and community health advocates have made tremendous strides in educating the public on the negative health effects of sugary beverages, they agree that more must be done, and they are making urgent requests for intervention from policy leaders.”

Similar soda tax initiatives have been tried in other cities in the past and were rejected by voters at the polls. In an attempt to win voters over, Wiener’s proposed soda tax revenue, estimated to be at least $31 million a year, would be used for recreational and nutritional programs at schools.

Sounds to me like Michelle Obama and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, both flaming liberal Democrats have had a strong influence on Wiener, who is also a flaming liberal Democrat. They all have the goal of controlling the public and taking away more and more freedoms.

It’s also about raising taxes. I saw the interview with a theater owner in the San Francisco area who said this tax will have a drastic impact on his business. He owns over twenty theaters and one of the biggest revenue generators for him are the concession stands and the sale of soda and popcorn. If movie goers don’t buy soda because of the soda tax then they’ll probably not buy as much popcorn either. He said that the soda tax has nothing to do with health issues and everything to do with creating more taxes. Since they (government officials) have a hard time raising taxes in other areas, they are trying to do so any way possible and the soda tax is one way to raise taxes.

If they can pass taxes on soda because of supposed health reasons, what’s next? Many doctors and nutritionists claim that red meat causes heart disease, cancer and other health concerns, so will they try to pass a 2¢ per ounce tax on red meat? What about bad carb starches like bread, potatoes and white rice? Will we see a health tax placed on them as well?

If these liberals are allowed to continue, will it come to a point when we are told what foods and beverages we are allowed to purchase and what ones will become forbidden? The liberal UN already wants control of all land in the world and wants to tell every family where they will be allowed to live and now our own liberals want to tell us what we can and can’t eat or drink.

Where will it all end or will it? Will we soon become a controlled nation like North Korea?

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