Sandy Hook: An Excuse For Pharmacracy Over Our Children

Violating our Second Amendment (even more than has already been permitted) is not the only threat for which Sandy Hook is being used as propaganda. Given the power of “the gun lobby” and the fact that many courts are still not willing to vomit over an amendment that is one of the Bill of Rights, we may be in less danger of the evil of gun prohibition than the media is telling us, but more vulnerable to evils that may be just as bad. Indeed, the constant focus on the threats of gun confiscation might even serve to distract us from other state violations of the rights of the people.

Even though we still know virtually nothing about Adam Lanza’s mindset, and the entire Police investigation is still “sealed” so that we have nothing but ignorance to go on, the tragedy is still being treated as the basis for proposed legislation.

“A bill requiring all public school and homeschooled children in Connecticut to have behavioral health assessments in grades 6, 8, 10 and 12 is drawing criticism from parents and homeschool advocates who say it would stigmatize children and intrude on parents’ rights. The bill was crafted in the aftermath of the Newtown shooting with the hope of identifying mental health problems in youths in a timely way. The bill is intended to make sure that pediatricians are screening for behavioral health problems routinely during annual physical exams, said Sen. Toni Harp, D-New Haven, who proposed the bill with Rep. Toni E. Walker, D-New Haven. Under the bill, the assessments would be done by the child’s pediatrician, who would submit a form to the state verifying that the child had received the assessment. The results would be confidential and disclosed only to a child’s parent or guardian. ‘I just want to make sure that the screenings happen,’ Harp said. ‘A lot of times pediatricians don’t get around to it. This is to make sure they do it in conjunction with the physical exam.’ As written, the bills calls for screening all public and homeschooled children, but Harp said Tuesday she would drop the requirement for homeschooled children. She said she also would consider adding private school children to the legislation.”

This is so insane I don’t know where to begin. First of all, no one could have predicted Adam Lanza’s homicides from a pediatrician’s visit. He was twenty when he was found dead among the dead children. This bill goes up to the age of twelve. While we know almost nothing about Lanza, it does seem that he underwent changes of some kind in the recent years before the shootings. What would be the point of officially discovering a child had Asperger’s?  Does that make him more likely to shoot people? No! Lanza was an anomaly in that way as well as in many other ways.

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But that brings up another issue. People get diagnosed with behavioral problems because they show problematic behavior. Making everyone undergo an evaluation is a waste; nothing more.

Another problem: just how accurate can a pediatrician be from a few office visits? How many people are going to get misdiagnosed, put on drugs, and labeled for the rest of their lives? Being shoved into the care of psychiatrists and other “mental health professionals” will be a bonanza for Big Pharma, but it will be damaging to many children and adults.

Human progress has sped along for thousands of years without the help of mental health professionals. Civilization has never required their psychiatric drugs—or anything stronger than beer, according to George Will.

If we give away our freedom to a cadre of psychiatrists, we will prove that we really are unfit for self-rule.

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