Sandy Hook Lies – Part 2

Yesterday, I raised the issue that liberals, including President Barack Obama, were intentionally lying to the American people about what took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School for the sole purpose to push their anti-gun agenda.

I reported that there were only two handguns found at the scene with Adam Lanza’s body inside the school.  The alleged assault-style rifle that everyone claims was responsible for the killings, was found in the trunk of the car that Lanza allegedly drove to the school, and therefore could not have been involved in the massacre.

But what you say if the assault-style rifle they claim was used in the shootings, was actually a shotgun and not an assault-style rifle?  [1:21 in video below] The shells being ejected by the investigator look more like shotgun shells than .223 shells.  Additionally, you get a quick glance of the trigger area which shows a ‘thumbhole’ area in the stock.  Thumbholes are not known to exist in assault-style weapons, but are found on several models of shotguns.

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What would you say if one report said there were four handguns found with Lanza’s body, not two and ONLY handguns?  [0:20 in video below]

What would you say if you heard the coroner report that all of the wounds were the result of a long gun, yet no long gun was found with Lanza’s body inside the school? [0:50 in video below]

Watch the video below:

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Other discrepancies can be found in various news reports.  One report said that a Henry repeating rifle, an Enfield rifle and a shotgun were also found, but no one seems to be clear what was found where.  From the video, I would say it was the shotgun that we saw being unloaded at the trunk of the car, and not an assault-style rifle.

In another report, it was stated that officials found .223 shell casings inside the school.  Yet none of the handguns reported to have been found inside with Lanza were capable of firing .223 caliber rounds.  If Lanza acted alone as they claim, and he did not have an assault-style rifle with him when he was found dead inside the school, where did the .223 shell casings come from?  Did he just throw some on the ground to confuse the police?  Was there another shooter that escaped?  Are the news and police reports accurate or are the American people being lied to?

I contend that the facts of what took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School are not what is being told to the American people.  I firmly believe that the Obama administration has purposely hidden crucial information about the shootings in order to stir up public emotions against guns.  We are being intentionally lied to for the express purpose to push unconstitutional gun laws onto the American people.

Obama only needs two more things to take place in order for him to seize dictatorial power over the United States.  He needs to disarm the American people and throw the country into economic collapse.  He is very close to making the economic collapse a reality, but he can’t let it happen until he has striped Americans of their weapons, thus leaving them defenseless.  The ban on assault-style weapons is just the first phase.  Once he gets that passed, handguns will be the next group of guns to be banned.  He’ll show that most gun related deaths in the US are the result of handguns, so they’ll have to go.  Then he’ll find a way to stage a horrible hunting accident where some kids or pregnant woman gets accidentally shot while hunting and then all sport weapons will go.  Then the economic collapse will take place and give rise to Obama’s socialistic dictatorship.

It has to happen before the next election.  I give it two years, perhaps three at the max for it all to play out.

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