Sandy Hook Parents Suing Town, School for WRONG Reasons

If anyone other than Adam Lanza is to blame for the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, who is it? That’s the question being raised in a lawsuit filed by the parents of two of the first graders that were killed by the crazed gunman.

Leonard Pozner, Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis are the parents of Noah Pozner and Jesse Lewis. As administrators of their children’s estates, they have filed a lawsuit against the city of Newtown, the Sandy Hook school board and Principal Kathleen Gombos claiming that they failed to take proper safety precautions to protect their children.

The parents claim that the town and school board should have had better security outside the school and at the school entrance. They also claim that the school should have had bulletproof glass and that classroom doors should have been able to be locked from the inside. They are asking for $15,000 in damages along with an unspecified amount.

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Donald Papcsy, attorney for the parents stated:

“We are hopeful that the Town of Newtown’s elected and hired representatives will work with these families, who have already suffered, and continue to suffer, unimaginable loss, to help resolve this matter in the most efficient and constructive way possible. As residents of the town, we all either have, or are going to have, students in our Sandy Hook schools, and we promote the idea of learning from the past and protecting our children in the future.”

First of all, why would a small school like Sandy Hook spend the money for bulletproof glass for their school before anything like this happened? How many schools are there in Connecticut and the US and how many have actually had shootings? The percentage is very small and the cost of bulletproof glass is quite expensive and cost prohibitive for most school districts.

Secondly, a well-placed bullet can unlock most doors, so having a better security at the front door and the classrooms may not have prevented Lanza from gaining the access he got.

Thirdly and most importantly, I believe the best and only way to protect students is to have armed faculty. Think about it! The school where Obama’s girls attend have at least 11 armed guards at all times. Obama demonstrates his hypocrisy when he speaks out against arming teachers and staff at schools and then sends his own kids to a school with numerous armed personnel. Other private schools for dignitaries and important people have armed guards and you don’t hear about them being attacked, do you?

The reason Lanza and others have targeted the schools, theaters and restaurants they did is because they were all gun free zones. We will never know for sure, but chances are if Lanza had known that a number of the faculty at Sandy Hook were armed, he probably would have chosen a different school or other facility to attack. If anyone wants to file a lawsuit against the town or school district, they should claim that they set their kids up as targets by making the school a gun-free zone.

Attacks like Sandy Hook are not the fault of the gun manufacturer, as one lawsuit claims, and it’s not because the town and school failed to provide the security measures listed in this ridiculous lawsuit. It’s because we live in a sin cursed world and deranged sinners like Adam Lanza are going to find a way to carry out their senseless violence one way or another. The best way to help thwart future school shootings is to arm some of the faculty and staff at every school. I rarely say to take Obama’s example and follow it, but when it comes to protecting students, his example is the best.

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