Santa Barbara Murder Spree Stirs Up Anti-Gun Ghouls

As certain as the sun rising in the East, liberals have opened a whole new case of whine after the murder spree this weekend in Santa Barbara.

In case you somehow missed it, Elliot Rodger, the 22-year-old son of an assistant director on the movie “Hunger Games,” snapped and killed six people and wounded several others before shooting himself near UC Santa Barbara on Friday.

Richard Martinez, the father of murder victim Chris Martinez, railed against the NRA when he was interviewed: “Why did Chris die? Chris died because of craven, irresponsible politicians and the NRA. They talk about gun rights, what about Chris’ right to live? When will this insanity stop? When will enough people say, stop this madness, we don’t have to live like this? Too many have died. We should say to ourselves, not one more.”

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The man is grieving, so he gets a pass.

However, there is no excuse for the chorus of liberal Marxists, sycophants and just plain idiots who, like a pack of hyenas smelling a corpse, are taking the opportunity of another media-saturated shooting (conveniently occurring while the president flees to Afghanistan to escape questions about the VA scandal) to feed their agenda of removing Americans’ ability to defend themselves and their communities.

Universal disarmament (except for the government, which is stocking up on arms, ammo, body armor and surplus tanks as we speak) is the goal, make no mistake. There’s only one reason that people who don’t believe in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, personal liberty or even God would want the American populace disarmed — so that they can have unfettered reign over you, your life, even your private thoughts.

You can tell this is the agenda because whenever a mass killing gets overhyped by the media, the hue and cry is for more restrictions on guns, even when, as is usually the case, existing gun laws did nothing to stop the killers. More tellingly, the anti-gun call goes out even when other weapons were used.

Rodger, who apparently was set off by the fact that he couldn’t get a date, started his campaign of revenge against the world by killing three men in his apartment by stabbing them all to death.

Only after that did he load himself up with three pistols (sorry, DP, no “assault rifles” this time) and boxes of ammo and head over to the local Alpha Phi sorority, which he seemed to think was the source of his dateless existence. When the Alpha Phis wouldn’t open the door to an angry killer, he shot two young ladies outside and then Martinez in the nearby deli.

But the knife (assuming that’s what it was; police haven’t said at this point) and the guns weren’t the only weapons Rodger used, as he chased after several people with his BMW, injuring several, including a skateboarder whom he knocked back 50 feet, breaking both his legs.

Like almost all of these shootings, this is actually a story about mental illness that several people had been in a position to stop, including police who had contact with Rodger after they were alerted by family members that he might be in a severe depression.

Rodger apparently posted several videos online complaining about his lack of a girlfriend despite “being so wonderful.” In them, he bragged about how he always dresses nicely, has an expensive car, pricey sunglasses and is a perfect gentleman, yet somehow the girls kept going for “brutes.” Among the things he posted online was a graphic illustrating his plans for “revolution” that included killing all the women who rejected him. His 100-plus page “manifesto” included statements about how he was going to prove that he was the true alpha male by resorting to violence.

His parents were reportedly racing down the freeway to try to stop him when they heard the news that their son had killed six people then shot himself when police finally did arrive on the scene.

There are a lot of lessons to draw from this tragic case, none of which is the need for more gun control laws. Should we outlaw knives and BMWs as well? How about social media sites, since he used them to develop his battle plan?

What are you going to do about self-involved parents who only too late realized that they had raised a narcissistic monster? Or about the hordes of girls who are now sharing their newly found post mortem attractions for the killer online? What about the police and anyone else who had a chance to stop him and didn’t?

Liberals want you to believe that gun laws are the answer to cases like Rodger’s, or the Batman shootings, or Columbine, or any of scores of other bloodbaths. But looming over all this death and mayhem is one absolutely true observation: Police were physically incapable of getting to the scene in time to save six lives and prevent the serious wounding of several other people.

Officials haven’t produced a timeline at this point, but Rodger’s killing spree must have lasted for dozens of minutes at the minimum, and police couldn’t stop it. If, on the other hand, even one person in that time frame had the ability to fight back with a gun, several people might still be alive tonight.

The liberal response to this and other murders is to surrender, hide, grab a ballpoint pen, pee your pants and hope your attacker goes away.

The sane response would be to encourage the purchase of and training in firearms, as once was the norm in America, so that narcissistic would-be killers will opt for cold showers rather than acting out their oversexualized fantasies.


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