Sarah Sanders Says Dems Will Need to “Clean Up the Mess” They Made with Obamacare

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has issued somewhat of a warning for Democrats. She said that they will have to “clean up the mess” that they made with Obamacare. This came shortly after President Donald Trump said that we should repeal Obamacare, and then that we “let Obamacare fail.”

During Tuesday’s off-camera White House briefing, Sanders was asked why it was “acceptable” to let Obamacare falter in the wake of the Republicans failure pass a bill in the Senate, according to reporters who were in the room.

“Hopefully with the collapse of the program [Democrats] put in place,” she said, “they be more wiling to come to the table to clean up the mess.”

Sanders said, “I think the thing that’s dead here is Obamacare.”


Perhaps they are right. If we cannot get Obamacare replaced, and if we can’t get it at least repealed, we must wait for it to fail. We already know it is horrible. If it wasn’t, people wouldn’t be forced into getting it. They wouldn’t be fined for not having it.

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