Sarkozy: Europe Has Never Been So Close to Explosion

“Europe is so close to explosion,” said the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, according to the Italian Corriere della Serra. His Prime Minister, François Fillon, agreed with the President: Europe is close to explosion.

This is the mood in the European capitals a day before the European Summit in Brussels this week. Yet, Fillon tried to keep his composure by insisting that “we need to keep cool” and not panic.

Unfortunately, there is every reason to panic. The EU summit has one main point on the agenda: The debt crisis. And the preliminary talks were supposed to start a day before the summit, at a special meeting between the financial ministers who were supposed to discuss the bail out package for Greece.

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But the meeting was cancelled today. Every financial minister knew what no one is willing to admit: There can be no solution to the debt crisis this side of the total collapse and disintegration of the European Union. The problem is simple, and it is not the debt of Greece or the deficits of the other nations of the PIIGS sty; it is the unwillingness of the European socialist politicians – which means ALL European politicians, of all political parties – to declare what common sense dictates, that the governments must stop spending. The populations under their control have been drugged into comfortable numbness by the promises of the European “social consensus.” Now the “consensus” fails to deliver on its promises. Now it is obvious that no government programs can beat reality.

But no European politician will be courageous enough to announce the harsh truth.

So, Sarkozy is just stating the inevitable. And even he can not find the courage to tell the French people the truth: That the French government must stop spending.

The other day, Silvio Berlusconi was courageous enough to let the simple truth come out of his mouth: “There is no money left.” But then he was quick to qualify his words: “But we must find some money for the government stimulus of the economy.” He knows well there isn’t any. But he must act as a true European politician, that is, like a high priest of the great god of the state who can always provide, no matter how much is needed for government spending.

But the god has failed. And the priests know he has failed. And they don’t know what to do, and how to face the wrath of half billion believers who thought they could rely on the god’s generosity forever.

Add to this the sorry state of the American Federal government and the Federal Reserve, and the failure of the modern liberal world order is obvious. It is disintegrating. It has killed itself in an orgy of government spending, producing nothing but IOUs in return. Sure enough, Europe is close to explosion; to be more exact, not Europe itself but the bureaucratic monster that the European politicians built on the promises for “social stability” and government safety net for everyone.

Europe wanted security more than liberty. It traded its liberty but the seller can’t deliver the security he has promised. It is not too late for us in America to learn the lesson from Europe.

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