Satanism Rears Its Head in Sandy Hook Shootings

So with all the banter about guns and Adam Lanza’s Asperger’s syndrome or whatever mental illness he had, it turns out that the final truth could be something far more sinister, something that regularly gets buried by law enforcement and the media.

The UK Daily Mail Online has reported that Lanza was into Satan worship and had a devil worship web page, according to a former classmate, Trevor L. Todd.

Investigators are trying to piece together a smashed hard drive in hopes of finding clues about Lanza’s online activities.

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They are reportedly working on the belief that he made use of online devil worship and suicide sites, and he may have boasted of his plans in online forums, but apparently, Lanza’s purported satanism isn’t being considered as a motive.


Did Lanza find inspiration, even encouragement, in an online Satanic subculture?

He wouldn’t be the first killer to be discovered after the fact to be involved with the occult or with the Goth subculture.

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, had some sort of shrine in his backyard that included a skull and candles. Mainstream media reports, and apparently police, never followed up on that.

In the 1999 Columbine High School shootings, the killers were also linked with the Goth subculture. Connections to satanism were denied by authorities, despite evidence including a drawing of the devil orchestrating the killings posted by shooter Eric Harris before the event.

The recent “Batman” shooter in Aurora, Colorado, was not connected to occult worship, so far as police have revealed, but several writers have pointed out the satanic undertones of The Joker, whom James Holmes styled himself after. Also, some of the details surrounding the events of the shooting have been linked by various writers to occult rituals.

David Berkowitz, Richard Ramirez, Charles Manson — the list of murderers with satanic connections is quite long.

It all lends some credence to the theory that the absence of God in the classroom is the ultimate root of this sort of evil.


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