Save Them, Save Them, Hurt You, Hurt You

If you have ever seen the movie Robin Hood: Men in Tights, there is a scene when some of Robin Hood’s men are attacking Prince John and the Sheriff of Rottingham. Prince John turns to the Sheriff and says:

Save me, save me! Hurt them, hurt them!

At which the Sheriff replies:

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Right! Save them, save them, hurt you, hurt you! I’ve got it!

If you pay attention to what the Obama administration is doing, they are sounding like Prince John while their actions are following the Sheriff’s flawed rendition. Instead of saving the American people and attacking those trying to destroy us, our current government seems to be saving themselves and attacking us.

In a current news release, it has been pointed out that the EPA is sending over $27M to other countries for frivolous things. Worst of all is China, who owns approximately $1.2T of the US debt. The EPA just sent them $718,000 to study methane produced in coal mines and to help them reduce carbon based emissions.

Why are we paying them to study their own environment when they already practically own our country as it is?

The EPA is also sending $15,000 to Indonesia to pay for a Breathe Easy Jakarta campaign, $150,000 to Interpol to help fight carbon trading fraud, $700,000 to Thailand to help recover methane from pig farms; and $1.2M to the United Nations to help promote cleaner fuels.

According to Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe:

They’re also sending money all over the world, Thailand and every place else including China, to encourage them to pass legislation they couldn’t get passed here.

The legislation he is referring to is Cap and Trade. If the liberals can’t get it passed here, they are using taxpayer dollars to get other countries to buy into the legislation. If enough others do it, then they theorize that the US will eventually follow suit.

Sen. Jim Inhofe Video

Sen. Inhofe also points out that a number of EPA grants are being given to 501C3 tax exempt groups who in turn funnel the funds to 501C4 lobbying groups that are as liberal as they come. This method of the EPA funneling funds to liberal lobbyists started in the Clinton administration which at the time was strongly involved in promoting very liberal agendas.

So here we have our leaders and EPA bureaucrats sending money we don’t have which is hurting our own economy to others that do have the money already in an effort to get them to buy into a program that was rejected in our land.

Right! Save them, save them, hurt you, hurt you! I’ve got it!

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