“Scholarship” As Regime Propaganda: American Academy Of Pediatrics Supports Same-Sex Marriage

The American Academy of Pediatrics has endorsed same-sex marriage as good for children. The New York Times spreads the prophetic word:

“The American Academy of Pediatrics declared its support for same-sex marriage for the first time on Thursday, saying that allowing gay and lesbian parents to marry if they so choose is in the best interests of their children… The academy’s review of scientific literature began more than four years ago, and the result is a 10-page report with 60 citations.”

Happily, this isn’t a total surprise, so I don’t have to just be suspicious of these statements and wait for further study. The AAP’s research follows the American Psychiatric Association’s—an organization that once confidently recommended killing mentally deficient five-year-olds as public policy…

I suppose I should say more about the APA before I continue. The official magazine of the “professional” group, The American Journal of Psychiatry, published a debate between sterilization and killing of the “feebleminded” (note those were the only options considered).

“After the debate, the official journal of the American Psychiatric Association published an editorial in which it chose sides in favor of murder (“Euthanasia” in the American Journal of Psychiatry, 1942, volume 99, pp. 141-143). It said psychiatrists would have to muster their psychological skills to keep parents from feeling guilty about agreeing to have their children killed.”

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(See also the footnote here, and this chapter for further confirmation.)

This happened awhile ago, but it was the same “leading” organizations pompously declaring to the rubes in flyover country that life should be drastically changed and traditional morality thrown away. That’s not an accident; it is what those organizations exist for.

So turning back to the present, the APA prepared the way for the AAP’s latest propaganda barrage. But their conclusions were arbitrary. Among many other flaws, they ignored one study that was demonstrably better than the ones they relied on—saying the findings had not been published in a journal considered “scientific” enough. Of course, there wouldn’t be any political reasons why a study that came to the wrong conclusions would have a hard time finding a publisher, right?

And it didn’t matter. A book-length report on another study found that:

“If we perceive deviance in a general sense, to include excessive drinking, drug use, truancy, sexual deviance, and criminal offenses, and if we rely on statements made by adult children (over 18 years of age)…[then] children of homosexual parents report deviance in higher proportions than children of (married or cohabiting) heterosexual couples.”

This study was published by Harvard Press. The APA pretended it didn’t exist.

And it really doesn’t matter how much counterevidence is found. The APA and the AAP and other pro-pansex groups will shake down every study they don’t like and give a pass to the ones who say what they want to hear (typically very small sample groups using self-reporting for their findings and often not using a comparison to children raised by heterosexual couples).

The AAP is a front group for Big Government and Big Pharma. Last year they were reversing themselves to say injecting mercury into children was just fine. This year they are promoting same sex “marriage.” These are just a couple of the AAP’s many questionable actions they pretend to be scientific, and which provide a rationalization for endangering children.  It is what they exist to do.

Why does the regime want homosexual marriage?

I think the answer is found in the classic warning, George Orwell’s 1984 or that famous piece of psychological warfare masquerading as a warning, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World (Huxley actually wanted a future much like the one he presented; his “warning” was against any reader who might resist it). In both cases, the nuclear family is regarded as the enemy.

We already know that the Federal Government apparatus is full of people who recommend all sorts of interventions into the family and nullifications of parental responsibility. Making “marriage” a word that covers all sorts of perverse arrangements serves the program. It ends families as independent natural entities that exist by natural rights previous to and outside of the Almighty State. Our rising dominators want to believe, and want to teach our children, that the individual is simply a creature of the state and has no other home or family. Equating relationships that are inherently barren to an institution that has propagated the human race is one part of a strategy for power.

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