School Bullying Is The State’s Tool: Homeschoolers Be On Notice!

I have to say I’ve learned a lot about the country I live in by following the case of the Romeikes and the two nation states that are officially at war with them—their native country of Germany and then the pretend “land of the free.” Specifically, I have finally figured out how bullying is state policy. I don’t mean the state agents bully (thought they certainly do). I mean they use kids to bully and pressure and otherwise drive home the mindset into children that they must conform.

Here is what made it “click” for me:

“It comes as no surprise to hear that the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the Romeike’s continued asylum in these United States.   Judge Jeffrey S. Sutton, a George W. Bush administration appointee, said, “Germany is not forbidding home-schooling … It’s not like saying you can’t teach them at home in the evenings.”  This is, of course, utter nonsense, but that is not surprising either.  “W” appointed him.  Michael Farris of the Home School Legal Defense Association related this type of thinking to telling a Jew that their children could eat kosher at home every evening even though the state will be feeding them bacon for 6 hours per day for 180 days per year.”

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So this is how it is. The parents have nothing to complain about because the state gives them evening and sleep time at the home. Of course, Sutton acts as if there are no homework assignments or after school activities, so even that lovely example of state charity toward the family is actually less than what he claims. But even if he wasn’t exaggerating, notice what is non-negotiable to him:

The state, to be the state, must have the right over families, to demand that their children leave home and be somewhere else away from the parents from the time they are six or younger, to the time they are eighteen or so. The state may not decide to mandate such a removal from the home. The laws may make exceptions for families that wish for such exceptions, but that is all a matter of the state’s decision. As a matter of right, the state has no limitation. As long as it doesn’t take away the children entirely, and lets them go back home for a few waking hours, then no parent has a reason to complain or object.

And what happens at the school? They aren’t just taught by state employees. It isn’t just a contest between the state-approved teachers in the day and the parents teaching in the evening. There is an entire social network there. They are inducted into a new family—their “peers.” They are forced to make new friends or else risk being social outcasts with all the consequences that follow from such a designation.

People are social beings. They don’t like to be despised. They like to have friends. The state knows this. They know the most important power is to simply get the children out of the home, out of the world in which their parents’ approval matters, and into new cliques. They don’t have to pay special attention to children with conservative parents who are independent of the herd. They know they can count on the children of the herd to sniff out the outsiders and cow them into submission.

The state relies on bullying and all other forms of peer social pressure to create perfect citizens of the nation state. Parents who resist can go to jail. They have no room for complaint. The state is only doing its job.

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