School Inflicts Transgender Lesson on Kindergartners

A school in Maine (why is it always Maine) is feeling the heat from angry parents after the Brainiacs in charge decided to teach children in grades K-3 about “tolerance” by reading to them from the book “I am Jazz,” a tale about a confused boy who thinks he’s a girl, wrapped up in a children’s book cover.

And Mitchell School officials did it after conveniently neglecting to inform parents in advance despite the obviously incendiary and radical nature of the book, which is promoted as the true story of its author, Jazz Jennings.

“The whole culture at Mitchell School is about teaching tolerance and respect. The people presenting the lesson thought (the book) was one more piece of teaching that lesson,” said Superintendent Allyn Hutton.

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“In retrospect, we understand that toleration is tolerating people of all opinions,” Hutton added.

Ah, “in retrospect.” Hmm. Well, that’s still light years faster than the thought processes in most of these types of situations.

From his public comments, Hutton seems to be content to sweep this incident under the rug, despite hundreds of angry parents.

“I have spoken with the principal at Mitchell School who has been working with their guidance counselor to appropriately manage this situation and provide the appropriate information for the children at this age level,” Hutton said.

“Appropriate”? He keeps using that word, but I don’t think it means what he thinks it means. Those folks at Mitchell School passed appropriate a while ago.

A blog written by guidance counselor Dana Richerich reads, “Some people may think primary school students are too young to worry about addressing issues surrounding gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) students. Not so, experts say. It’s never too early to begin teaching children about respecting differences.

“When our students and their parents have questions related to LGBTQ issues, our goal is to foster healthy dialogue, critical thinking and inclusiveness. With that in mind, our conversations include all students and perspectives to create a safe and supportive school climate.”

A safe and supportive school climate for whom? Child predators?

Even now, school officials are completely clueless about what they’ve done and why it was wrong.

What that school did is child abuse, confusing impressionable young kids about their own gender roles and places in society, all just to serve a self-centered political agenda whose real aim is to destroy traditional morals.

A mother who wrote to Sean Hannity about the situation said her son is now asking questions about his own gender and whether it is possible he’s actually a girl, questions he never would have asked until he was exposed to the transgender-promoting book.

Parents need to stand up to school officials like these who are more interested in their political agendas than they are in serving the next generation.

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