Science Compares Humans to Apes All the Time

There has been a great deal of outrage when Roseanne Barr’s compared Valerie Jarrett to Helena Bonham Carter’s character Ari in the 2001 remake of Planet of the Apes. Many people might not realize that evolutionists believe that humans and chimpanzees are very close DNA relatives.

Consider the following:

Scientists have sequenced the genome of the chimpanzee and found that humans are 96 percent similar to the great ape species.

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“Darwin wasn’t just provocative in saying that we descend from the apes—he didn’t go far enough,” said Frans de Waal, a primate scientist at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. “We are apes in every way, from our long arms and tailless bodies to our habits and temperament.” (National Geographic News)

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This brings me to an advertisement for a television special that was broadcast on TNT (Turner Network Television) – “The Trials of Life.” The full-page advertisement showed a composite picture of six animals, one of which was the bald eagle, with the following caption: “Discover how similar the face of nature is to yours. The way you love, the way you fight, the way you grow, all have their roots in the kingdom we all live in: the animal kingdom.” The implication here is obvious: Humans are only an evolutionary step away from other animals.

Sometime later I came across the introductory chapter in a book on mammals distributed by Time/Life Books. On the left-hand page was a 15-month-old baby with his arm outstretched facing a chimpanzee on the right-hand page with its arm outstretched, mocking Michelangelo’s depiction of the creation of man–God’s arm and hand outstretched touching the hand of Adam. The following bit of nonsense appeared next to the picture of the human “animal”:

To the untrained eye, this 15-month-old baby human and 2-year-old chimp look quite different. Yet chimps are probably our closest living relatives. They share 99 percent of our genes. Their body structure is startlingly similar to ours. Their behavior, too, is full of “human” traits. A chimp can solve problems, talk in sign language, and make and use tools. As our knowledge widens, it seems that in many ways humans are not as distinctive among mammals as we once thought.1

Only the biased eye trained in the dogma of Darwinian evolution can see the supposed similarities. While chimpanzees may be able to communicate in some form of sign language, taught to them by humans, this is no evidence of humanness. Mr. Ed could count, but this didn’t make him a human relative. Let me know when chimps set up schools and hospitals, plant crops, build roads and houses, and stop killing and eating their neighbors.

Journalist and author Gwynne Dyer claims that “The apes are our brothers–at least our first cousins.”2 If this is so, comparing someone to an ape is scientifically accurate.

It might not be an accident that more people today are beginning to follow the logic of what Darwinists have been telling them. They’re animals and it’s all about survival of the fittest. The Darwinists have made it their life’s mission to ensure that young people are made to believe that they are animals…


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