SCOTUS Places Thousands of Children at Risk

When the US Supreme Court ruled to totally abandon all vestiges of America’s Christian foundation and values by approving homosexual marriage, they also opened the door for the ruination of thousands of children.

A lawsuit filed in Mississippi explains what I mean by the ruination of thousands of kids. A Mississippi state law forbids the adoption of children by homosexual couples. The bill was designed to protect children from being brainwashed and molested by homosexual couples. Placing normal children in the care of homosexuals is certain to subject them to the abominations that God condemns. Worse yet it increases their chances of being molested and raped by the homosexual couples who adopt them or by their perverted friends.

However, since the Supreme Court legalized homosexual marriage, they believe that they should also have the legal right to adopt children. Four lesbian couples have joined together in a lawsuit challenging the legality of the Mississippi law based upon the Supreme Court decision.

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Mississippi passed their law banning homosexual couples from adopting children in 2000. They were the last state in the US to pass this vitally needed legislation to protect the lives of innocent children.

The question now being asked is how vigorously will Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood, a Democrat, defend the state law? Republican Governor Phil Bryant is hopeful that Hood will ‘vigorously defend’ the state law.

Steve Crampton, an attorney in Mississippi says that he expects a number of similar lawsuits will be filed in other states challenging laws that prevent homosexual couples from adopting kids. In an interview with OneNewNow, Crampton stated:

“However, in the short term I expect we will continue to have these decisions forced on our state to the detriment of our children, of our families, and our entire society.”

“These are desperate times; they call for desperate measures. We want to stay within the law and urge others, of course, to remain non-violent in their activism – but I think it is a time for right-thinking, God-fearing Americans to stand up and speak out against the tyranny of the judiciary.”

Actually it was God-fearing Americans who allowed the liberals and homosexuals to take over our nation and force their ways upon us. Millions of Christians remained silent or just complained to each other about what was happening to our nation instead of getting involved and trying to do something about it. Their apathy is to blame for our current mess and somehow I seriously doubt if very many will get up now and speak out against the homosexual, liberal and socialistic take-over of America.

Instead they will continue to whine and moan amongst themselves until the day comes when they are given the choice to renounce their faith in Jesus Christ or face prison or a firing squad. Sadly, the vast majority will renounce Jesus to save their own lives. What they’ll fail to realize is that to save their lives now will mean they’ll lose their eternal lives when they do leave the world of living.

As for me, when that day comes I will quote one of my spiritual heroes Martin Luther who was also told to recant to which he responded:

“I cannot and will not recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God. Amen.”

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