Scouts Facing Choice to Give In to Gays or Stand Up for Virtue

This is the week when the Boy Scouts of America gets to choose its preferred form of suicide.

Sometime between today and Wednesday in Irving, Texas, the executive board will vote on a proposal to change longstanding Boy Scouts policy and allow openly gay Scout leaders.

The BSA has gotten itself backed into a corner on this issue, less than a year after it reaffirmed its policy against gay Scouts and Scout leaders. By giving in to pressure from corporate supporters that have long since rolled over for the gay agenda and allowing the policy proposal to come to a vote, the BSA finds itself in a no-win situation.

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If the board votes against the policy, it can count on losing support from major contributors that are heavily influenced by the gay activist agenda. It can also expect punitive measures from the vindictive Left, which will take every opportunity possible to discriminate against, hinder or freeze out Boy Scouts in any way they can.

Members of Congress would likely get in on the act by issuing proclamations against the Scouts, and it’s a given that there will be lawsuits and boycotts galore.

On the other hand, if the board adopts the policy, the Scouts will lose many if not most of their members as parents and churches demonstrate resistance to having homosexuality taught to their young children.

Either solution is likely to devastate the BSA.

So if the organization is going to get bloodied anyway, the board should do the right thing and make themselves an example for future generations of Scouts to follow.

“On my honor I will do my best/To do my duty to God and my country/and to obey the Scout Law;/To help other people at all times;/to keep myself physically strong,/mentally awake, and morally straight” — that’s the Scout oath.

Staying “morally straight” means standing up to the politically correct bullies of the world. In the long run, whatever loss the Scouts might suffer from rejecting the PC policy change, the organization will be the stronger for it.

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