Scouts Targeted Again by Gays, Obama Administration

In what’s getting to be a regular event, a lesbian who was ousted as a Cub Scout pack leader is trying to force the Boy Scouts of America to change its policy against allowing homosexuals and atheists.

The “morally straight” policy, which is part of the Scouting oath, has been upheld by the Supreme Court, which ruled the BSA had the right to hold any policy it wanted as a private organization.

Jennifer Tyrrell of Ohio knew about the policy when she accepted the leadership position. After being released for not living up to the BSA’s standards, she claimed that Scout officials knew about her lifestyle and lesbian partner, and that the real reason she was let go was because she uncovered questionable money dealings as her pack’s treasurer.

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A Democratic Ohio County commissioner, David Sims, has resigned his position on the local BSA leadership council in protest.

Sims also knew about the policy, but now says letting Tyrrell go offends his personal beliefs.

Tyrrell has begun an online petition and is conducting a travelling cross-country campaign to gather support to force the BSA to change its century-old standard for her pleasure.

In 2000, the Supreme Court ruled that the Boy Scouts as a private organization had a right to establish its own policies, which the Scout leadership maintains are necessary to protect the children and the integrity of the program.

At the time of the court ruling, BSA officials said in a press release, “We fully understand and appreciate that not everyone will agree with any one position or policy. To disagree does not mean to disrespect, and we respect everyone’s right to have and express a different opinion. Scouting will continue to teach our members to treat everyone with courtesy and respect.”

Opponents of the Boy Scouts don’t ever seem to reciprocate.

The organization, whose many oaths and mottoes include promises to be “reverent” and “morally straight,” has been a favorite target of gays and atheists, who want to force the Scouts to change their standards, which are designed to prepare boys to grow into responsible young men.

The Girl Scouts, which is a separate organization, has already traveled that route in recent years. Whereas it used to hold similar values for young ladies, the Girl Scouts organization now has an anything-goes attitude and indoctrinates girls into pro-gay and pro-abortion viewpoints.

Many local Girl Scouts groups now actively partner with Planned Parenthood. The GSA curriculum has become packed with liberal topics like same-sex marriage, gay rights, comprehensive sex education and liberal feminism. As the organization has tacked Left, it has hemorrhaged more than a half million members in recent years.

The Boy Scouts so far have stuck to their guns, which I believe is still a merit badge.

For a century, the Boy Scouts have taught young men about growing up, building character and becoming valuable leaders in their communities. The organization would be destroyed if it ever lost that moral core.

But the gay and atheist activists don’t care about that so long as they can get their way. And they are being at least tacitly supported by President Obama.

Like other presidents before him, Obama is the honorary leader of the Boy Scouts. Whereas other presidents have taken that honor seriously, Obama has time and again dissed the Scouts by not showing up at or even responding to events to which he has been invited. His administration has slowed down processing of Eagle Scout proclamations. When a group of Scouts wanted to deliver to him the 2008 BSA Report to the Nation, Obama couldn’t be bothered, even though the Scouts had also brought along a basketball they had all signed for him in honor of his favorite sport.

If gays and atheists want to promote their viewpoints, they are welcome to form their own child-indoctrination programs.

The Boy Scouts have it right. Moral standards should not be compromised, especially by a group in charge of teaching children.

Our country needs more groups like the Boy Scouts, not fewer.

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