Seattle Schools Provide 13 Yr. Old Girls with Contraceptives WITHOUT Parental Consent

How would you feel if you learned that the public school your 13 year old daughter attends provided her with birth control pills, or a long-term contraceptive implant along with birth control counseling WITHOUT your knowledge or consent?

Keep in mind that these are the same schools that would suspend your daughter if they found aspirin in her purse, even though she had a note with your permission.

If you live in the Seattle area and have a daughter attending middle or high school, you may want to find out just what type of education the public school is providing her. According to a recent report, about 1,300 middle and high school girls in the Seattle area have been provided with free birth control pills, long-term implants and intrauterine devices (IUDs), without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

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Fr. Mark Hodges with reported:

“Intrauterine devices, long-term arm implants, and the Pill are being passed out for the asking to girls as young as 13 in Seattle schools, without parental consent.

In fact, the number of middle and high school girls in Seattle who got long-acting reversible contraceptives like IUDs doubled in the last year due to efforts of the school system.

Because Washington State law allows minors access to birth control without parental permission, children as young as 12 can get IUDs implanted without parents’ knowledge.

The Seattle City Council received an update from the county health department on the student contraceptive program. At least 1,293 high school students received contraceptive counseling, with an untold number receiving arm implants, IUDs, and the Pill.

Additionally, 49 junior high kids received the same contraceptive counseling, and four of them received an arm-implanted long-acting contraceptive device.

The school-based birth control dispensaries, called ‘health centers,’ not only dispense contraceptives, but also treat various injuries and health issues of students. They are run by private organizations but are funded by tax dollars through a Families and Education Levy.”

Washington liberal Democrats are more concerned with their agenda to completely undermine parental authority and make children wards of the state that they are risking the health and lives young girls. There have been a number of instances where the use of an IUD has caused the perforation of the uterus, inflammation of pelvic area and has led to ectopic or tubal pregnancies which can be life threatening. But none of these potentially serious health conditions are of any concern to Washington state legislators or their liberal governor.

The role of public schools is to educate your children, so you have to ask what lessons are they teaching in this case? The lessons being taught by these schools to girls that sexual intercourse is natural and okay as long as they take precautions to avoid getting pregnant or catch a sexually transmitted disease. They are also teaching young teens that they can defy their parents and that they don’t have to tell them what they are doing.

One of the basic tenets of socialism is to the undermining of parental authority and the family structure and that is precisely what’s happening in the Seattle schools. Again, this is one of many reasons why I strongly advocate that you get your children and grandchildren out of public school if at all possible. Either homeschool them or get them into a decent private school. If you have no option, then you owe it to your child(ren) and yourself to get involved with his/her/their education before you lose them to the perverted socialist government.


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