Secretary of Army Does Right Thing and Reverses Obama’s Ft. Hood Ruling

On November 5, 2009, US Army Major Nidal Hasan opened fire on fellow soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas. When the shooting ended, Hasan had killed 13 people and wounded an additional 29.

Sadly, the army had information on Hasan revealing his radical Islamic beliefs four years prior to the shootings, but they took no action or precautions which may have been able to thwart his terrorist attack.

Although Hasan was born in the US, he was of Palestinian descent and a Muslim since birth. Investigators after the shooting found communications and other information that Hasan’s actions were those of a Muslim terrorist and were intentionally designed to inflict as much damage and casualties as possible upon US military personnel. Among his communications were emails between him and Anwar al-Awlaki, the Yemeni Islamic terrorist who was recently killed in a drone attack. Before his death, al-Awlaki praised Hasan’s attack as that of a Muslim hero “fighting against the U.S. army is an Islamic duty.”

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However, in keeping with the recent tradition of protecting their Muslim brothers, Holder’s Department of Justice issued a statement declaring Hasan’s actions not as a terrorist attack, but simply as workplace violence. Despite the fact that Hasan had radical Islamic beliefs and he was communicating with the known terrorists, DOJ sloughs it off as just workplace violence and not an act of terrorism.

In declaring the murders as an act of workplace violence, it also denied the victims and their families from receiving any benefits from the military. Basically, Obama and Holder left the families out to take care of their dead and wounded by themselves.

However, Secretary of the Army John McHugh just reversed the classification of the Ft. Hood massacre. Instead of being an act of workplace violence, he has deemed it an attack by a foreign terrorist organization due to Hasan’s contact with al-Awlaki. He also announced that the Army will be awarding the Purple Heart to military personnel wounded or killed and the Defense of Freedom medal to civilian victims. In a newly released statement, McHugh stated:

“The Purple Heart’s strict eligibility criteria had prevented us from awarding it to victims of the horrific attack at Fort Hood. Now that Congress has changed the criteria, we believe there is sufficient reason to allow these men and women to be awarded and recognized.”

“It’s an appropriate recognition of their service and sacrifice.”

Rep. John Carter, (R-TX) is one of the members of Congress who has been working to change the classification of the Ft. Hood terrorist attack and to get the appropriate benefits for the families of the victims. He responded to McHugh’s announcement, saying:

“This has been a long, hard fight. The victims of this attack have struggled, suffered and been abandoned by this Administration. No more. Today is a day of victory and I am honored to have fought on their behalf.”

An attorney representing some of the victims said that they have been so traumatized by the ordeal that five years later they are still unable to work and having been denied any benefits from the military or government has made life extremely difficult for them and their families. Receiving the benefits, finally, will be a long overdue lifeline for these victims.

It’s great that Obama and Holder’s wrong has finally been righted, but we have to ask ourselves why the victims and their families were denied vital and necessary benefits for so long. They should have been properly taken care of from the day of the massacre, not five years later.

Obama and Holder’s treatment of the Ft. Hood massacre clearly demonstrates how little they care for our military personnel and civilian Americans. Their loyalty and support of Islamic terrorism is more important to them than those who sacrifice their lives protecting this nation. Neither man deserves to hold any public office in the US, ever. The only thing they do deserve is an 8×8 cell with the window barred up and the door welded shut.

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