Selective Allowable Discrimination

As the new year arrived, I started to reflect on the past few years and came up with a new term that describes what’s happening in our nation – ‘Selective Allowable Discrimination’ (SAD). I would define it as the practice of allowing discrimination of a selective group while banning discrimination of opposite groups.

Let me use Christianity and homosexuality as examples.

For the past fifty years, any semblance of Christianity is discriminated against if it involves any government person or agency. Courts have said that you can’t have schools involved in reading the Bible or praying because someone was or could be offended.

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Yet in many of the same schools that actively bans all references to the Bible and Christianity are now reading and teaching the Quran, recite the Islamic call to prayer, have students recite that Allah is God,  and allowing Muslim students to roll out their prayer rugs and pray to Mecca during school hours. No concern is given to the fact that many non-Muslims are offended.

Schools are not allowed to hold a Baccalaureate service for graduating seniors because it’s a Christian based service because non-Christian students might be offended. However, public high schools in Michigan have been allowed to hold girl only proms for their Muslim students caring not if any non-Muslim students are offended.

Many of our military personnel have been ordered to remove any symbols of Christianity from their person or their offices and work stations, especially those stationed in the Middle East. They’re not allowed to wear a cross around their neck or as earrings, nor are they allowed to have a Bible on their desks as it will offend Muslims, yet Muslim members of the military are allowed to have Islamic items out in the open, carrying not that it offends non-Muslims.

Anyone can go on most social media or mainstream media and say anything they want about Christianity and Christians. You can portray an image of Jesus in a jar of urine and it’s okay, but draw a cartoon about Islam and you best go into hiding. However, if you say or post anything against Islam and Muslims, you can find yourself banned from the social media site, like Facebook. Say anything against Muslims in general on the mainstream media and you will more than likely be suspended or fired.

I would define the treatment of Christians as Selective Allowable Discrimination.

The same thing applies to homosexuality versus straight or normal sexuality. Say anything against homosexuality, including quoting the Bible and you are accused of discrimination and using hate language. Say anything against traditional normal family life and sexuality and it’s not considered discriminatory and perfectly allowable.

Banning a sexually confused person from using the bathroom or locker room of the anatomically opposite sex and it’s called discrimination because that one person is offended. However, standing up for the rights of modesty and morality of those who don’t want a boy in their daughter’s bathroom or locker room and you are accused of discrimination. It’s okay to offend the majority but don’t dare offend the minority.

I would define this as Selective Allowable Discrimination.

There are a number of other situations that can be defined as Selective Allowable Discrimination and they all have one basic thing in common – they are the things that formed and built America and established its moral foundation. The things being protected are those things that are anti everything that built and made America great. They are anti-morality, anti-traditional values and very anti-American.

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