Self Defense? Man Shoots Dog That Attacks His Dog

My dogs are part of my family. As a unmarried 23-year-old, they are essentially my children and I think they honestly believe they are human! Ha!

Many people feel the same way about their dogs. Especially one Michigan man who just made national news for shooting and killing another dog who viscously attacked his own dog. He says that the other dog literally threatened the life of his.

The 52-year-old man was walking his mastiff (for those of you who don’t know, Mastiffs are among the largest breeds of dogs) when two loose dogs from a nearby home approached.

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Unfortunately, one of the dogs was a pit bull and played into the rough stereotype of the breed. It’s sad because the breed is not a bad breed. They simply have a bad reputation from people not raising them right.

Concealed Nation reports:

The two dogs, a pit bull and a lab mix, had reportedly forced their way out of the fence that held them, and then attacked the man’s dog without provocation.

The owner attempted to fend off the pit bull, but was unable to do so. The animal was just too strong, and although Mastiffs are very big, two dogs versus one is hardly fair.

The man said that he was fearing for his life, so he produced his handgun which he was permitted to carry, and shot the pit bull, killing it. WJBK did not note the fate of the second escaped dog.

The Mastiff reportedly suffered a few injuries but is expected to come out of everything OK, which is perhaps the one happy part of this story.

No one likes to see an animal die, much less be the one who causes its death.

But that is what can happen when dogs are poorly trained and kept.

Whoever the owner of the pit bull was, there is no question that they owed their dog better attention and instruction than what it got.

Would you have shot too? I would have done whatever it took to save my own family, including my dogs.

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