Sen. Fauxahontas’ Hypocrisy About College Admissions Scandal

HEH! Only a liberal Democrat like Sen. Fauxahontas, who got ahead in life via a scam could without embarrassment say she has zero sympathy for the parents who were implicated in the college admission scandal.

Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski asked Elizabeth Warren a series of rapid-fire questions, the first query was, As a parent, how much sympathy do you have for the parents in this cheating scandal?

Warren’s answer was a definitive, “ZERO.”

Kind of ironic as Elizabeth Warren had for decades falsely claimed to have Native American heritage and used it to get ahead. During her first run for the Senate Elizabeth Warren was exposed for lying about her background.

According to The Boston Globe, back in 1984, Warren and members her family contributed recipes to a Native American cookbook, where she signed her name Elizabeth Warren, Cherokee. Then in 1986, Warren listed herself as a “minority” in the American Association of Law Schools’ directory of faculty, which is commonly used by recruiters. In the early 1990s, she was hired by Harvard as a law professor, and the university actually touted Warren’s phony ancestry. By 1995, once she had achieved tenure, Warren stopped listing herself as a minority.

More recently we learned that she used her fake ancestry on her application for the Texas bar. More recently we learned that she used her fake ancestry on her application for the Texas bar.


The parents involved in the college admission scandal not only broke the law and taught their children that it’s okay scam people to get ahead, but they robbed slots at elite schools from more deserving kids. They deserve to be punished because what they did is just as bad as lying about one’s background to get a teaching job at Harvard, blocking a more deserving person from getting the job.

Below is a video of Warren’s hypocritical “zero” regarding fellow cheaters

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