Sen. Tim Scott Slams Liberal Left Concerning Helping the Poor

Liberals have the mindset that no one can be a conservative and still care for the poor. They take that mindset and project it into politics believing that no Republicans really care for the poor either.

MSNBC is the most liberal mainstream network in the country. They also have that liberal mindset about conservatives not caring for the poor. Thomas Roberts, a host on the station’s Morning Joe program interviewed Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), following his decisive re-election last week. Roberts asked Scott:

“You said you’re concerned about kids that are growing up in the wrong zip code, like yourself that had a tough start on the way out, but if we look at agencies that are following some of your voting records, they have concern and the NAACP is giving you an F on their annual score card. They also say that you voted against the ACA, you voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, you opposed the Congressional Black Caucus’s budget to lay funding on a settlement between the US and black farmers who say that they were prejudiced against because of their race, so how do you respond to that if you’re a true concern is about lower income families and kids?”

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Scott delivered a great response that should have put Roberts and his fellow liberal to shame:

“Well, let’s just ask ourselves, if we look back over history when the Congress was controlled by the Democrats for 40 consecutive years, if we looked at the result of [Democratic] control, what has happened in black America? We saw greater poverty. If we take the statistics from the 1970s to the 21st century what we see very clearly is that poverty has gone from 11% to 15%.”

“These are classic examples that the policies of the left have not worked. I will tell you that if I have an F on the NAACP score card it’s because I believe that progress has to be made and the government is not the answer for progress. I was a kid growing up in poverty. I had a mentor who is a Chick-fil-A operator whose name is John Meneese [sp?] who taught me that the brilliance of the American economy happens through business ownership and entrepreneurial spirit, so if you own the business or not, success is possible if you A) have a good education; B) have a strong work ethic. For the average person who can work, these two key components come together and form a foundation. That is the way you eradicate poverty.”

“All of the social programs we’ve had, we have the largest government we’ve ever had in the history of the country. We have more non-profit organizations working on the same issue. And yet we have a higher percentage of people living in poverty.”

“The key, it seems like, is individual freedom and economic opportunity. Fusing those together in an agenda that focuses on education seems to lead forward.”

No wonder the liberals hate Tim Scott and the NAACP gave him an F. Scott stands for everything that made America great and against all of their liberal policies that are destroying our nation. The liberal left is against free enterprise and American capitalism. They don’t want their people to have to work for a living. They would rather keep them slaves to government handouts at the cost of the conservatives who do work.

I continually ask why the NAACP supports the political party that fought to preserve slavery and then fought to keep racial segregation? It was the conservatives who fought to free the slaves and end segregation in this country and yet so many black organizations continue to align themselves with the liberal Democrats. It’s like a gazelle who prefers to run with a pride of lions instead of with their herd where they are safer. And as Scott points out, those liberal policies have only led to more poverty and a bigger non-productive government.

I applaud Sen. Tim Scott for his response and for him having the common sense to realize what is going on in this country and to work to help improve our nation, not destroy it as the liberal Democrats have been so hell bent on doing. We need more Tim Scotts in the Senate, House and one in the White House.

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