Senate Doubles Down on Arming Terrorists

I’m really frustrated with the Republicans in the Senate who voted to support House-approved legislation that would allow President Obama to spend taxpayer money on arming, training and supporting “moderate” Muslims in Syria.

It’s a bad idea. People know it’s a bad idea. Yet there goes Congress, including Republicans who are supposed to represent us.

I’m also angry at the media that are portraying this incredibly stupid idea as being possible only because of Republicans in the Senate. While it’s true too many Republicans voted yes, it’s also true that more Republicans than Democrats voted no.

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In any event, it was Obama’s idea, and now it’s headed for his desk, where he will take time away from golfing to approve what I am considering the second piece of signature legislation of his Administration, and probably as big a betrayal of America as Obamacare, maybe even bigger.

America has often played dirty under the table when dealing with terrorism in the Middle East.

As of today, we’re doing it above the table, in front of the whole world. The United States now openly will support the Free Syrian Army (Obama’s been doing it for years illegally).

For those unfamiliar with FSA, they are among the alleged “rebels” fighting to bring down Bashar al-Assad, Syria’s strongman whom Obama has wanted to take down for years.

About a year ago, leaders of several FSA brigades joined with the Al-Nusra Front, al-Qaida’s arm in Syria, and posted a YouTube video in which they openly proclaimed their determination to turn Syria into a shariah law state. The 11 rebel groups rejected the U.S.-backed Syrian National Coalition and Western interference in general.

According to IHS Jane’s, more than half of the 100,000 Syrian rebels are connected to active jihadist groups.

To underscore the problem, Sen. John McCain has been in hot water lately over a photo he took last year with members of the Syrian rebellion. Some critics think they’ve identified members of ISIS posing with the aged war hawk. His spokesman has admitted that they only know the names of two of the five men standing beside McCain.

And that’s the problem. Most of our congressional leaders, who should know these things, have absolutely no idea who they’re dealing with.

The rest of them do.

Our president does.

So now we’re going to spend hundreds of millions of dollars arming terrorists to fight the terrorists of ISIS. The absurdity of this is only mildly tempered by the knowledge that this whole not-war war on not-Islamic ISIS venture is surely a ruse to overthrow Assad and help establish that greater Islamic State ISIS dreams about.

Of course, with Assad being a client of Russia, that means Putin will at some level, perhaps even directly, get involved, which means really the United States vs. Russia.

Turkey, right next to Syria, will hardly be able to resist jumping in when the serious fight against Assad begins. Turkey hates Russia and Syria, but would love to join a caliphate that would restore a Muslim empire, a la the Ottomans. Because an attack on one member is considered an attack on all, NATO could be dragged in.

It’s not hard to see how Obama’s anti-Assad crusade could spread even further.

So, if things take as sharp a downturn as they potentially may, mark this on your calendar as the week that Congress approved World War III with bipartisan support.

To that end, some dark humor is in order:

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