Senate Republicans Block Appointment of Liberal Judge

It’s about time the Republican Party takes action to block the appointment of another Obamanite liberal to a federal judgeship.

Caitlin Halligan had been nominated by Obama back in January to a vacancy on the Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.  In a surprising move, the Senate voted 54-45 against moving forward with a vote to confirm Halligan to the Appeals bench.

Halligan has never served as judge and was selected by Obama while she was serving as the Solicitor General of New York.  As New York’s Solicitor General, Halligan opposed states’ rights and cameras in the courtroom.  She did push for the recognition of gay marriages and the practice of racial preferences in school admissions.

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Prior to her tenure as Solicitor General for New York, Halligan worked for a senior congressional Democrat and very liberal children’s advocacy group.  She also spent time as an assistant to one of the most liberal attorneys in the nation, Peter Edelman.  Edelman is so liberal that when serving in the Clinton administration, he resigned in protest of Clinton signing the welfare reform bill.  Edelman’s wife, Marian is the founder and president of the equally liberal Children’s Defense fund.

Halligan has also been heavily involved with Obama’s political campaigns, donating thousands of dollars and legal services.

Marc Falcone, Halligan’s husband is also an attorney with a major law firm who just happens to have ties and dealings with ACORN and similar groups.  Falcone and the law firm are also advocates for the United Nation’s policy on human rights.

To say that Halligan is a liberal is an understatement and should be no surprise that she would be one of Obama’s picks to fill a vacant bench position.  Obama has not been selecting judges because of their legal merit but purely on their liberal socialistic political views who will eagerly push his agenda to rewrite the laws and Constitution

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