Senators Don’t Know, Don’t Want to Know Extent of NSA Spying

With the NSA spying on all Americans, violating the Fourth Amendment under color of authority with impunity, you’d think that our elected officials would want to get to the bottom of things and find out what’s really going on over at Big Brother Central.

Not so much.

The Senate scheduled a hearing the other day to brief all the members on NSA programs, but fewer than half of the Senators bothered to attend.

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The Senate had finished work about two hours earlier and rather than stick around to get to the root of a pressing issue, most of the Senators took off early for the Father’s Day weekend.

According to The Hill, 47 of the 100 senators showed up for the briefing with National Intelligence Director James Clapper and National Security Administration chief Keith Alexander. A list of who attended has not been made public.

About the same time, but over at the House, Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler disputed FBI Director Robert Mueller’s testimony that the government could only listen in on a phone call if they had a specific warrant from the FISA court.

According to Nadler, the House Judiciary Committee “heard precisely the opposite” in previous testimony.

“We heard precisely that you could get the specific information from that telephone simply based on an analyst deciding that. … In other words, what you just said is incorrect. So there’s a conflict,” Nadler said.

The Administration and its liberal allies in Congress and the media are continuing to defend the mass snooping on Americans, claiming as many as 40-some terrorist plots foiled because of the NSA surveillance. Defenders also insist that the NSA only operates with the approval of congress and the secretive FISA court.

On the flip side, the trashing of NSA leaker Edward Snowden is continuing at full speed. He’s been called a traitor, a criminal, an agent of communist China and a liar. Before it’s all done, he’ll probably be a member of al-Qaeda and a Decepticon, to boot.

What the Administration and its defenders want you to believe is that all the government intrusion is for your own good.

What they don’t get is that Snowden could be working for aliens out to conquer the Earth, and the NSA could composed of angels, and Americans would still be angry with the government because no matter how many times Congress approves NSA spying, or what sort of Obama-approved Star Chamber supposedly oversees the program, it’s still illegal.

The nature of the NSA program itself is an unwarranted intrusion into the private lives of Americans. No matter what claims of security or having foiled terrorist plots are made, it’s not worth the violation of our God-given rights. There are other, moral and legal, ways to keep the country safe.

We must turn our government away from this path, which historically is always a precursor to outright tyranny. We must force our representatives to remember their duty is not to expand the government’s power but to protect the rights of citizens. If they can’t or won’t acknowledge that, then they must be replaced.

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