Senior Master Sgt. Relieved Of Position Because Of Christian Faith

How would you feel if your boss asked you for your personal beliefs concerning homosexuality and then demanded that you answer the question honestly?  When you comply and tell the boss that homosexuality is a sin, the boss immediately relieves you of your position of authority because of your response.

That’s exactly what happened to Air Force Senior Master Sgt. Phillip Monk.

In 2010, Lackland Air Force, most known as the Air Force’s basic training, was merged with Randolph Air Force Base and the Army’s Fort Sam Houston.  It is home not only to the Basic Military Training unit, but it is also encompasses a number of other units and training facilities.

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Sgt. Monk is stationed at Lackland Air Force and has a spotless record for his 19 years of service to his country that is until his commander asked him a personal question.  The commander was talking with Monk about her upcoming promotion ceremony and mentioned that she thought the chaplain who was scheduled to deliver the benediction was a bigot.  She told Monk that it was because the chaplain preached that homosexuality was a sin.

According to Monk, he objected to the commander’s statement about the chaplain.  She then asked him for his personal views on homosexuality and commanded him to answer honestly.  When he stated that in accordance with his Christian belief that homosexuality was a sin, his commander immediately relieved him of his position.

Sgt. Monk has retained the services of attorney Mike Berry of the Liberty Institute.  Berry stated that the Air Force is denying Monk’s account of what was said and says that this should be a warning to everyone in the military.  Even though Sgt Monk has a 19 year spotless career and is within one year of retirement, he could find himself being forcibly discharged from the Air Force with no retirement benefits at all because of his Christian faith.

Berry commented:

“You cannot criminalize somebody’s thoughts. You criminalize actions, not thoughts.  Within the military never before have we reached that status.”

“We’re now at this juncture … if you don’t believe, or think in a particular manner, that’s going to be held against you.”

“He had to agree with her beliefs, and if he wasn’t able to do that, he was deemed unfit to hold that position.  This is a dangerous and slippery slope … that somehow the government is going to be delving into your thoughts.”

It seems that Senior Master Sgt. Monk is not the only one being singled out by the military because of their Christian faith and belief that homosexuality is a sin.  Steve Branson is the pastor at Village Parkway Baptist Church in San Antonio.  His church is about 20 minutes away from Lackland Air Force Base and a number of military personnel attend services at his church.  In a Fox News Radio interview with Todd Starnes, Branson stated:

“Anyone who doesn’t hold to the right view on homosexuality is having a very difficult time.”

“I’m raising the warning.  It’s not a good situation out here. The military’s job is not to fight these kinds of battles. Christians are having to walk so carefully. I hear it every Sunday at church.”

As long as Obama and his liberally tailored military command remain in control, Christians will find it more and more difficult to live their faith while serving our nation.  I believe this is being done deliberately to tailor the entire military to one that will follow Obama into his war against patriotic Americans.  Christian soldiers are less likely to obey orders to fire upon fellow citizens who stand up for their constitutional rights.  But pro-homosexual personnel already have a warped sense of right and wrong and moral values and will be more likely to follow their gay activist hero into whatever battle he leads them in, including the one against you and me.

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