Sequester Means You’ll Die!

Never waste a good crisis, and if you can’t find a good crisis, make one up — Obama Administration Rule No. 1.

The current “crisis” is all the sequester nonsense flying around courtesy of the White House and the lapdog media.

You’re supposed to be scared of all the horrible things the White House says will happen if the sequester goes into effect, from defense layoffs to benefit cuts to a lack of olives in the back of Sen. Harry Reid’s limousine.

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Recall we had the debt-ceiling crisis, then the fiscal cliff and we’re all still alive, and Washington hasn’t stopped spending money.

In fact, with the sequester approaching, amounting to a 2 percent cut in the federal budget, the feds are still hiring, adding jobs and funding new programs like there’s no national debt.

Considering that government can, with a wave of its wand, force American families to lose 2 percent from their household budgets, as happened to most people just a month ago, and we’re all expected to just go along, I’m feeling very little sympathy for whining politicians.

Janet Napolitano, for example, was squealing just the other day about the Department of Homeland Security, “I don’t think we can maintain the same level of security with sequester compared to without sequester.”

So you mean we might have to cut back on the TSA rape rooms at our nation’s airports, maybe not gas up so many drones to spy on Americans, or even reduce video rental fees at Border Patrol offices where the personnel aren’t allowed to go out and stop illegal border crossers?

That would be some big losses there.

This entire sequester business is Obama’s baby, of course. He signed it into law, and he refused to modify or eliminate it when people started worrying about turning down the money spigot.

All of which means the Administration will take every chance possible to blame Republicans.

Obama being Obama, though, the cuts will fall disproportionately on the armed forces, just so the president can fulfill his party’s anti-military goals while being able to say Republicans allowed it to happen.

Personally, I’m over it already. There just isn’t that much we get from the federal government for our taxes anyway. I hope the sequester does happen and the cuts start with presidential million-dollar golf weekends.


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