Sex Is The Most Participated Olympic Event For The Athletes

Like millions of other Americans, I’ve been watching as much Olympics as possible.  We all watched with intent as Michael Phelps came to the games with the goal of becoming the athlete with the most Olympic medals in history, and he achieved that goal.

We’ve also watched with heartache as the men’s gymnastics team faltered and shouted with joy as the Fab 5 of the women’s gymnastics team took gold.  Gabby Douglas has captured the hearts of everyone as has the contagious smile of Missy Franklin.

I’ve looked at Olympic athletes as being honorable and upstanding.  In many cases, they are people to be admired.  But that reputation is being tarnished by news of the rampant sex going on behind the scenes and the record that the London Olympics should be ashamed of.

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Among the supplies they prepared for the Olympic athletes were 150,000 condoms to be used by the 10,500 athletes.  The Beijing Olympics in 2008 only went through 100,000 condoms.  With the National Health Service in Great Britain, the condoms are free to the athletes.  That’s approximately 150 condoms per Olympic medal.

Evidently, the reputation of sex and partying is well known among many of the athletes.  Shauna Mullin, a beach volleyballer from Great Britain said:

“The Olympics is the height of your career, so you might do some things you don’t usually do.”

Kouassi Brou, a swimmer from the Ivory Coast said:

“In 2008 I was so young and so shy, so I didn’t interact with the women.  But now I’m a big man. So I can try. I will try.  If they are beautiful, it’s OK,”

Dr. Joao Olyntho Machado Neto from Brazil defended the open sexual activities of the Olympic athletes saying:

“(Sex) is common at the Olympics. It’s necessary. It’s natural.  If you are going to be healthy people, why not make sex? … Brazil is very tolerant with sex as a country. We don’t have Victorian minds and we’re not religious.”

This has really tarnished the Olympics for me, but then again, I guess that I shouldn’t be so surprised.  The moral standards throughout the world are falling apart and being replaced with extremely liberal and amoral standards.

I know they test the Olympic athletes for drugs, steroids and blood doping, but I wonder if they test them for anything else like STDs or HIV?

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